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Friday, February 4, 2011

More ramblings....

I ventured out today for the first time since last Saturday. This is our driveway. The snow that we got isn't as deep as was expected.

But it is nearly impossible to shovel. See where my Shug tried to shovel it?

I'ts a solid mass of ice. We had ice come down from the sky for hours, instead of snow. Snow you can shovel. Ice you cannot. He got enough up so we could get in and out of the driveway.

There are ruts in the drive where we've tried to get in and out.

When my Shug drives his truck, he has to get a running start of about 40 m.p.h. to get up the drive and in the garage!

Our 90 year old neighbor has the right idea. Hire someone to dig her out!
So last week when I met with my bloggy friends, the Queen and TH, I asked them how they made their hand warmers. I didn't get a pattern out of them. They just said to chain a few stitches and go in a circle and leave a thumbhole.

So I did.

Not bad for my first pair.

I don't like the yarn though. It's this old acrylic yarn that someone gave me, but I didn't want to use the good stuff in case they didn't turn out! Now that I'm more confident I might make some more with better yarn.

And I made these pj pants before I got sick.

I really wanted them for last summer. I'm a little late. Or maybe a little early...I'll have them for this summer. These are "vintage" sheets. I love the way we throw the word vintage around when we buy something old at a garage sale. I'm peri-menopausal as you know. And I have night sweats...more in the summer. There were a couple of times the only thing I wore to bed was the sheet, if you know what I mean. So I thought..."That's it!" Make pj's out of sheets and just wear the sheet to bed! Well, I'm not a good seamstress when it comes to clothes. I can make dolls and toys and such, but when it has to fit me, I always make it too big, such as these. I'm going to have to do some altering, but what about the idea? Don't you think it's a good one?

And you get a ton of material for a couple of dollars from a vintage sheet, so these peri-menopausal clothes are cheap! Hmm, I think I'll start a peri-menopausal clothing business.

And I love the way this pic makes my legs look loooooong.

Now these are just precious.

Lil hearts.

They fit right in the palm of my hand. I got the pattern from "Places Where Grace is" who got it from

It's that cheap "free" yarn again, but for something like this, it doesn't matter.

Have a good weekend.

Cindy Bee


  1. Love your hearts... love the jammies! I'm off a lot next week so I'll get my balls from you soon... can't wait to hooky with my yarn balls!

  2. Love the hand warmers, great idea! You sure got the snow. Glad you have someone that can dig you all out. We’ve never had huge snows here but we can’t find anyone to dig our our driveway and it gets really bad. I wanted to invite you to join Farm Friend Friday next week--your posts would bee great :) LOL

  3. The sheet jammies....GENIOUS! You're funny.

    Yep, that ice/snow ain't for sissies that's for sure. We still have a bit of it left too. It's driving Wade nuts. He doesn't like these things to get the better of his manly abilities doncha know.

    Have a good week end Cindy Bee (I hope it's ok if I call you that...The Queen and TH tell of adventures and such and you are Cindy Bee to me now too)

  4. love the pj pants!!! btw make sure you save a heart to give it to granny bee!!! hehehe

  5. Gosh Cindy
    We certainly ARE experiencing opposite ends of the scale!
    As I speak, the sweat (or should I say, perspiration?) is dripping off me,
    I just had to chase my escaped dog up the hill opposite, and it was hot..

    Im with you on the 'vintage' sheets.
    Ive been buying them up lately at the secondhand shops.
    Not sure if Ill ever get to turn them into anything, but, if not, they can always come to me if there is a sudden shortage of sheets in town.

    If you were Scandinavian, youd have a hot shower, then run out in to the snow naked and roll around in it..... ;)


  6. Fi - You're right - we're opposites! It's pouring snow right now. Started this morning and hasn't stopped. Between the snow, my hormones, and "Steel Magnolias" I'm depressed. Hmmm, wonder what it is that attracts us to vintage sheets. I have quite the collection. I saw in one of my sewing books one time about making a blanket out of several vintage sheets. It was a beach blanket. I thought about making some for gifts, but never got around to it. I suppose today might be a good day to do it.

    oh yeah -so glad I'm not Scandanavian! Although I have witnessed crazy Americans doing the same thing.

    Hi Marilyn, I'm just trying to get enough made for bunting!

    Debbie M - Glad you like my sheet jammies. You can be the first to open a franchise! OF course you can call me Cindy Bee. A lot of blogger friends do. Is this weather sucking or what?

    Hi Verde farm - Actually, he only dug HER out, no one else :( I'm still sitting at home wishing for a warm beach somewhere....and you know what else....I tried to join your farm friday yesterday but after attempting to download a video of my bees about 10 times, I gave up. I'll figure it out and join up next time - I hope.

    Hey TH - just let me know when you want your yarn balls. They're waiting on you - waaay up on top of the Hoosier cabinet so the "boys" don't make a toy out of them!

    Cindy Bee

  7. Hmmmm...Those pajamas are innovative. I like how you made your own vintage pajamas, because if you wore a true pair of vintage p.js that someone else wore.....well....I wouldnt approve.
    The handwarmers look good...

  8. I love your hand warmers! Love blue :-) Pj's are nice too! and those hearts are yes - precious! As for the ice I don't know how you deal with that. It would get me down having to do that one day then it all come down again the next!

  9. Hi Queen - I'm glad I met with your approval!

    Hey Cafe girl -It IS getting us down. I don't know anyone that isn't tired of the snow.

  10. Great idea with the vintage sheets. The handwarmers turned out fine and love those little hearts.

  11. Peri menopausal clothing!!!! I love IT!!!!!

    you come up with some good stuff when your sick!

  12. I like the creativity of hearts and hand warmer.thanks for sharing this blog post.I really want a hand warmer for my own


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