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Friday, April 1, 2011

Bee Lady goes Quackers!

Well I have to tell you, I wasn't planning on linking up to Verde Farm Friend Friday today because the weather has been so cold and crappy here, there really isn't much beekeeping going on. The plan was to pack some household stuff today. I wasn't even going to get on my blog. I really don't have the time for it today....but I'm so easily distracted.....and when I went to do an errand this morning Marcia called and said she was in town and can I meet her for lunch. Well why not. Then I realized I had to get gas, and right by the gas station is Rural King. And I needed dog food. I'm linking up by the way.....Verde Farm (well can't link up...they're server is down) So I had lunch, got gas, and went for Dog food when I noticed all these bins with lights...again. You remember I saw them a few weeks ago and they had chicks and ducks. Well doggone it they are tempting me....

So I got my phone out and tried calling the coop keeper

Glenco answered...



"This is the bee lady, is the coop keeper there?"

"No, she's across the street, won't be home until later."

"well, doggone it I need to talk to someone about ducks. I'm at Rural King, I want some, and really, I probably need someone to talk me out of them....or at least tell me what to do. I know nothing about them. I don't even know what kind to get."

"well, I think we got Rouen ducks. They're not hard to take care of...."

oh dear....Glenco was not going to talk me out of ducks.

So I called my farmgirl friend Kathleen. Maybe she has ducks. No she doesn't but how hard can they be, she says? And "I think you should get them because....well....they'll be your first farm animal and they're just so sweet and they'll keep you ...."what was the word she used.....I forget....kind of like serene...anyway....she was all about the ducks. She asked how my Shug felt about me getting ducks and I said, "well, he didn't say no." She even said, "maybe ducks will be your thing." I thought bees were my thing....hmmm.

So I told the sales girl I wanted some.......

then I started reading this book and decided I didn't want them. Then I decided I did...but what kind? The next thing I knew it was a whirlwind of activity going on in my cart....

She was hurrying before I changed my mind again....

the next thing I know....

I was loading up my dog food and heading home.

Meet Purina, Ralston, Hills and Iams. (kidding about the names)

Nope, not an April fools joke!

Don't tell Mom.

Cindy Bee

PS - Oh dear....My Shug just got home. I'm gonna let him read this.....wish me luck.


  1. Oh em gee... I am shocked!!! I wanna play!!!

  2. Oh my Cindy Bee--you couldn’t link up? I’ll do it for you. These babies are so cute!!! You got to speak to Glenco on the phone????? My stars--that’s like talking to Mr. Beatrix Potter --meant with total love. I am impressed :)

  3. I got you hooked up Quacker lady!!! :) LOL

  4. they r so cute! my daughter has been begging for ducks/chicks ever since we visited rural king this week!{I am NOT caving tho :)}.
    I have heard ducks r easy tho :)
    good luck!

  5. Awwwww!! You gotta bring the ducks over so they can have a play date with the mcnuggets!!

  6. Our niece who is three is coming to visit next weekend and we were talking about our chickens. And she asked about duck...I said, you need to tell Uncle J. that he needs to get some duck. Cannot say I don't try. Really would need another house for ducks and would want to put it by the pond and then we would have to run electric to it for the winter months. Kinda snowballs from the minute you carry that little box into the house. Have fun!

  7. Cindy,
    You are truly my Hero! Have a blast...

  8. they are so adorable!
    i would LOVE to have chicks, ducks, and most of all I want goats.
    i live where i can't have farm animals. besides i have a bluetick coonhound who would think they were for her...and not in a good way.
    happy ducking!

  9. oh wow you are a sucker for a cute face!!! good luck and have fun they are super cute!!!

  10. I think they will be great!! Duck eggs are bigger than chicken eggs and just as good to eat too! But I don't know anything about raisin em. My dealings with ducks is feeding them bread at ponds or eating them. I couldn't eat any I played with!

  11. OOhhh so cute, your not the only one. my daughter called me day before yesterday and informed me that to the mini horse, the rabbit,the chicken, the 2 cats and 1 dog 2 ducks have now been added...what little Abby wants little Abby gets especially from Daddy... Enjoy them.. they should be fine if they have food ,shelter and water. I had some years ago.. with 2 geese..lifetime ago..anyhow enjoy the weekend....hugs from Indiana..Birgit

  12. ah, i hope they do well with you. my sister rehabs ducks in florida and is incredible. the area rehab sends her the orphans and the ones ready to be let back into the wild. she keeps the babies inside the house in an interior porch until they are old enough to learn how to swim....then she puts them in a little kiddie pool. it is an awesome process. her ducks are very affectionate as she spends alot of time with them.

  13. Welll that is cute and they are cute:::teach those dogs that they are not for food or play!
    BUT gosh Cindy::don't yo u have enough to do with out taking care of ducks??? They might be easy but you do have to keep them warm and fed for awhile before putting them out on the pond:::which I assume they will go there!
    Anyhow:::enjoy them:::Those names are cute for them! gloria

  14. Well everyone, I had answered every one of these comments a couple of days ago and lost the post. At this point, I doubt if any of you check back, but if you do, I hope to visit your blogs and please know I didn't ignore the comments.

    Cindy Bee


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