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Friday, April 15, 2011

No Trespassing

Click here for more farm friends at Verde Farm. There seems to be... a lot of trespassing... this time of year. The deer didn't see the sign... They pruned all of our berry briers and fruit trees. (I wonder if that's where people got the idea to prune trees?) The beaver didn't see the sign... They are chopping down our trees to repair their dam...


And this guy is supposed to be protecting the place...

Or is it a gal?



Either way....IT needs a name. Any ideas?

Cindy Bee


  1. I like bullwinkle!

    I have tried fixing this post for two hours. I'm done....going to bed. I have no idea why it's all messed up in the spacing. I even tried doing a brand new one and it did it everyone...please excuse this mess.

    Cindy Bee

  2. No idea for the name (oh aren't I funny!)

    I lurve the idea of trespassing beavers!! They are just characters in storybooks to me - the idea of having real life ones on your own property is just so romantic!

  3. Remember "Mr. Moose" on Captain Kangaroo? Was just watching Narnia while I was sewing, the first one with the talking beavers, so I had the picture of those beavers in my mind while reading your post.

  4. moses the moose? i know just how ya feel people just movin in wth!!!

  5. Addlepator? As in 'addlepated', confused.

  6. Harry the Moose.....its a he I think from the other those little beavers are hard at work on their dam or is it damm? I know it isn't guard Moose Harry being ever watchful....Hugs from Indiana 9 a rainy cool,48*) Birgit

  7. Oh my goodness. That's a lot of trespassing. Now I'm nervous about going up to see if the deer have left anything in my orchard.

  8. Well I like all the names....I think I'll let my Shug pick one!

    Ya know..I couldn't get into Narnia. I tried. I even bought the book. But I think I'll have lots of animal stories to tell when I get out there. And I do remember Mr. Moose from Captain Kangaroo.

    Who to spell dam damm damn! I don't always run spell check.

    Teresa - you better check on your trees! Deer love them. Although at this time of year, I think they'll come out of the pruning.

    Cindy Bee


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