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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Three more Easter pics and my PURGE-atory friends!

I forgot to tell you about a funny thing that happened during the Easter Egg hunt. My Shug found a cell phone, and he thought....."hmmmm, someone dropped their cell phone...."

then he realized it was the one he lost last year! He had it a total of one week. He doesn't care for cell phones, but I could never get a hold of him when I needed to because he was always out working on our house, so I made him get one. He lost it within one week, with over 400 unused minute on it.

And this picture....well someone said for everyone to make a funny face. I didn't. Why? Have you ever made a funny face, because someone said to do so, and you were the only one in the pic making the funny face? Well, this time several people did make the funny face and these type of pics are my favorite.

And this...I took this morning. It's very windy here today. See how the feathers are ruffled on the bird. The sun was trying to peek through the clouds.

So yesterday, one day after Easter, I have tons to clean up, and my "PURGE-atory friends" come over. I've decided to start calling them that because they help me purge, and it feels like hell! They are the friends I told you about here . Now before you all start feeling sorry for me too much....don't. And I mean DON'T! I told them I need help. I NEED to get rid of stuff. I do. It only feels like hell for a little while, then it starts feeling good. And in all fairness, I confessed in that post that I was a hoarder. I'm actually a secret hoarder. It hasn't taken over the main part of the house. It's in closets and the basement, so no one knows. My friend Beth says I'm a collector. Either way I just can't move it all.

So, one of them arrived before the other one, and I was putting Easter deco away. I decided to purge a tiny bit of deco. I've decided I want either hand-made or vintage. I don't really have that much Easter deco. One tub is all.

But this cheap crap is gonna go. Yes that one bunny is hand painted by a friend but I haven't seen her in years and years. It was actually a Christmas ornament.

I did get to keep my egg cup collection because it's kind of cool.

and fun....

and I do use them. Not just for eggs, but to hold candies too.

I believe these paper mache' eggs are old.

and I'm keeping them too!

The inside.

Don't know if this is old or new

but I like it. I can't get the 'dirt' off of her face though.

There are no markings on the bottom of it.

The Purge-partner arrives and we decided to tackle, "the room." The computer-craft-clutter room. It has become a 'throw it in there and shut the door' room. We started with the purse closet. Hey, I admitted on this post that I am a bag lady.

They did not believe the hoarding bag lady really lived here, but they do now!

What? These bags have to go?

It was so horrible.....they made fun of me blogettes....

This purse has to go? Really? So what if it had a tassel on it. What if I take it off? "Bee" they said, "it has to go." I bought it when My Shug and I went to the Cincinnati Flower Show. It's handmade. Okaaaayyy.....

This one too? It's my Christmas purse!

No more Christmas purses?

My Shug bought me this one at the Cincinnati Flower show. We used to go to it a lot. I've seen Martha there, and Rebecca Kolls, and Tasha Tudor, and I got their autographs and pics and such. Such sweet memories....

"Bee, you have a story with everything..." they say.

Not everything. This tote has no story.

They said faded denim is out. Is it really? Even on jeans? I'm in troub if it is.

Now this one....there wasn't a story, but there is now! First of all, I just bought it a few months ago, but they said the color is total 80's. As I'm thinking they are wrong as it reminds me of the color of lipstick everyone wore in the 70's... one of them said it is total 80's and I should just put a scrunchy in my hair when I carry it!!!

I quickly ripped the scrunchy out of my hair and threw it on the floor somewhere in the pile of piles! Really? Scrunchies are out? They still sell them though....

Dixie felt sorry for me. He was trying to protect me, and my bags....
Winston could care less. He only cares about his new found afghan that he isn't supposed to be sleeping on.

Bye bye bags....

Truth is....I'm about ready to go through the ones I saved and get rid of about half of those too. But don't tell my Purge-atory friends.

Gotta go make some laundry detergent and finish packing up that room.

Cindy Bee


  1. loving phone story, the funny faces :p the beautiful egg collection and the totally adorable doggies :o)

  2. I like bags too Cindy Bee. I have denim one that has leather handles, I probably bought it 10 years ago. Not going to give it up yet. I get it out a couple of weeks every summer. I gave up a couple this past winter but I had a couple I just kept looking at trying to decide one way or another and just put them right back in the closet. You did good that was quite a pile.

  3. Wow, Cindy you did a great job purging.
    Love the family shot and the pups!

  4. Oh Shug you are so to ebay i guess!

    Thanks for stopping by and being a faithful reader of my blog I will be back in full swing soon just been so busy.

    Boy oh boy try and stay dry and I hope the twisty wing is not headed your way!!!

  5. Cindy that phone story is very funny. I too am a secret hoarder I have one room my sewing room I cannot get into. I had company coming to sleep so I had emptied one crowded room into another now I have a room that scares even me. I hope I can get in there and purge but I understand the memories thing. Good job. B

  6. I was accused by my sister not long ago of being a hoarder. Only cuz my two spare rooms are full of stuff that I have no storage for!! And it's not like 'real' hoarders. I don't have paths and stuff stacked to the ceilings. I told her I was definitely not a hoarder. Then she proceeds to tell me about our step mother that the last time she went to her house that there's only a path to walk through the house. I was like 'THERE'S your hoarder!'

    I've been slowly getting rid of stuff myself too. Slowly I said. lol. xoxoxo

  7. Well I say "Secret Hoarders UNITE!" Just kiddin'...really, we'd all feel better if we'd just let go! You should see what I'm doing now though. I'm going through the dreaded basement a box at a time. I'm just sorting it out right now. I buy too much stuff at garage sales. I'm going to have to refrain....

    Cindy Bee

  8. After our last move I lost the will to save... I swear, now I just look at a collection of more than one anything and feel a sudden desire to grab a garbage bag and start tossing! Don't get me wrong, I'm a huge slob, just not a collector :D
    Although, I do really like those egg cups...

  9. I'm impressed. From one hoarder to another, I'm totally impressed....
    (Funny phone story!!!!)


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