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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Should I keep it or let it go?

As you know...I've been packing up the prepare for the move. And I have a lot of crapola! I do. So what do you think.....

Should I keep this? Isn't it kind of cottagy...kind of a memory of yesterday's lake cottage? Or let it gooooo.......

And I'm thinking about taking this out of the to go box and keeping it...

and this too!! My Purge-atory friends are gonna get so mad if they see me carrying these. They made fun of them the most! (80's my @ss! I just bought this one six months ago!)

And what about this......yes or no....keep or go.....

Does it work? Nooo....

And what about these.....keep or no?

(just seeing if you are paying attention!

ahem janis - those are mushrooms dear...helloooo....a bag of bones? sheeesh!)

Cindy Bee

PS Before anyone asks....none of this stuff has a story that goes with it. Not to me anyway. The typewriter didn't belong to my parents, I didn't play with that little doll as a child nor did my Grandma makae it for me....


  1. I am refraining from questions at this time...


  2. IS that a bag of bones? LOMAO!!!
    Picture one~ is kind of creepy...
    picture two~ I cant figure it out...
    picture three~ BYE BYE!
    picture four & five~ too cool! YES YES as a writer keep that little beauty!

  3. LMAO too!!!

    Picture one - toys of olden days
    picture two - a purse
    picture three - :-( alright alright I'll let it go....
    What does one do with an old typewriter that doesn't type?

    Hey Scribe .... Deeeeeeeep cleansing breaths.....I'm just kidding!

    Cindy Bee

  4. still looks like a bag of bones to me... and it's funnier than a bag of shrooms.
    Purse? oh no no no..BYE BYE! (Thats no purse, Im still laughing)
    The typewriter is ART. Set it on a shelf. Use it as a Bookend.

  5. Uhhh....The sailor boy/girl(?) must go ....NOT the least. The purses.....what the....? Hey !!! those were in the out box. Cindy Bee....Step away from the 80s style purses.......
    All i have to say about your precious DAMMIT!!!!!

  6. Hi cindy
    Keep the typewriter - ditch the rest. (and I have to agree - I def thought it was a bag of bones...teeheee)

    Just letting you know Im still here. Sort of. LUrking........

    You need someone like me to come and sort out the stuff. Once its in the throw out box - it STAYS there.
    Be ruthless - you will most assuredly find replacements for it all once you move.


  7. Ummm... Keep the typewriter.
    Just the typewriter :)

  8. Everything has GOT TO GO GIRL!
    You've got better stuff.....right???

    You'll like this....I'm working on Saturday so I've asked Hubs to walk around the neighborhood yard sale and pick up some plates for work and small dessert plates for home. Can't wait to see how he makes out.

  9. Keep the toys and the typewriter,.. all else needs to go.. I am sentimental about toys and those are cute... so there I have said it.. the typewriter because its old...I would be a hoarder if I had a different husband and more room... oh well I hoard on the pc.. but that doesn't count does it. Oh well... Hugs from Indiana..Birgit

  10. I would keep the typewriter, maybe the doll if you think they might work somewhere I don't think they would take up much room in a box until you decide. I cannot remember where but I saw a typewriter sitting on someones porch with a welcome note sitting in it. Might have been a magazine. Was neat.

  11. OK Alright Already!!!! I am ditching it all except the typewriter! I like the idea of using it as a book end or as a welcome sign. I can see it in the foyer area on a stand with welcome written on a piece of paper....never getting dusted.....

    GIRLS GIRLS you are all so funny!!!! What's this Fi is lurking...I was wondering whatup with her and here she is...lurking...and I just love the way you all get on me about getting rid of STUFF!! Hilarious. It's the most comments I've gotten in awhile. I know what to do when I hear from you. OK I'm getting rid of the 80's purse, but I best not find any of you carrying it.

    RJ - It's a busy day - weekend for me. I'm working hives tomorrow....most of the day. I like your mushrooms you posted on your blog.....hmmm....we could possibly trade!!!! I told someone today they could not hunt on our land...I'll do a post on Friday for Farm Friend Friday.

    Cindy Bee

  12. That was supposed to say Now I know what to do when I WANT to hear from you.


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