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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Bee Lady and her Shug visits farmgirl...

Well I have to tell you it was a busy weekend. We were out at our house all day Saturday and most of Sunday, and we finally finished the storage room in the basement. The garage is very close to being done. This week we are starting on the living area in the basement. So, when my Shug came home Friday night, he was a bit shocked that I bought ducks. He thinks they are "cute little boogers" but the timing is off. I wanted them to put on the pond when we moved out there. The ducks will be ready in 8-12 weeks. We're not sure we'll be out there at that time. Our original goal was May 1, but it's been so cold that we haven't been able to work as much as we wanted to. As they say, construction is never on time or budget. And on Saturday when I was working on our house....I worried. Did they get out of the tub I had them in. If they did, did they poop everywhere? (yes RJ, they poop a lot) Did they get too cold? Did they get too hot? Did they run out of water? aye yai yai...... When my farmer friend Kathleen said she'd buy them, I let her. I know....I shouldn't have gotten them in the first place. I did, I learned. However, we did decide that we will get them again someday and Dave is going to heat the breezeway so I can put them out there when I first get them. So that was a good thing. In the meantime, I'm just focusing on the house....that's it....I promise (Gloria, RJ, Scribe, Mom!) On our way to Farmer Kathleen's my Shug wanted to hold them so he could play with them on the way.

They didn't want to play!

And Verde Farm, thank you for hooking me up. I really should save this post for next Friday, but I wanted everyone to know what we did with the ducks. When we put them in their new home you could just tell they were so happy. They started grooming themselves right away.

What is now the duck house is a newer building, and it isn't finished being painted yet. They have a little door that opens downward, which makes it a ramp for the ducks to walk on to go outside when they are big enough. There is a fenced in area with a netting over the top for protection from hawks, coons, and other predators.

While we were there we checked out her other animals. Look at these beautiful cows.

Have you ever? I want to spin their hair into yarn!

And they are friendly. They want to be petted.

So do the goats. As a matter of fact, one goat kept getting a little too friendly with me!

She has milk goats and meat goats. Kathleen raises most, if not all, of the food for her family. And the animals she raises are stress free. They are living the high life. She does not believe in crowding them in cages, and pumping them with hormones or steroids. Her belief is that the animals should be treated like queens and kings while they are living. If they are healthy, then you'll be healthy.

These are healthy, happy ducks. I'm happy for them.

Cindy Bee


  1. those are cows???
    Holy cow! That's a lot fur/hair!
    I love goats! I don't eat goat... they are too smart. I want goats.
    Looks like the ducks are happy! Good decision.
    Your Farmer friend sounds wonderful. Healthy animals are happy animals & well I am not a vegetarian so I guess if it lived a happy life. yuck i hate thinking about things dying for me :(

  2. LOVE the idea of using a waterer for the baby ducks! That would be great for baby chicks too.
    I was laughing at the duck story, I have done that too. Have a great week!

  3. Well that is good to know that you have given them a nice home>>>>As you said::just not the right time for you to handle them.
    Later will be a good time for you to start them and it will be fun. Still like those names Purina, Ralston & Iams.

  4. Hi janis....I'm not a vegetarian either and I think if we give the animal the best life possible, it's much better than them living a miserable life. It's why so many people are raising their own food. Have you ever read Harvest for Hope by Jane Goodall? Good book - eye opener. Or watch Food Inc.

    Caroline - It's good to know I'm not the only adult impulse buyer of live animals!

    Gloria - You're right - it'll be better once I get moved. I'm ready.

    Cindy Bee

  5. Oh those are cute little boogers! :) I could see how you couldn't resist but I'm glad you feel good about their home now.

  6. Ummm...note to self, don't shop with Cindy Bee, who knows what I'll come home with - haha

    Congrats duckie mama. Manny, Moe and Jack are good names!

  7. You are so brave. Truly.
    Now, about those cows! You are right....I want them. Wonder if they produce good milk? Do you know what they are called? Their "hair" looks like mine! All over the place!


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