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Monday, April 18, 2011

Packing and Relaxing

I have been busy packing boxes and emptying shelves....

preparing for our move. I just can't believe we will be moving this summer. I'm also getting ready for our Easter celebration. We've had it at this house for years. For those of you wanting something fun and different to do, have an Easter egg hunt and include adults. It's hilarious.

I don't think I ever showed you this bag I made a couple of months ago. I'm carrying it now.

I made the bag out of a wool coat I got at a garage sale and cut up. And the granny squares....I got them at an auction last summer. You can check out that post here if you want to. They are an outside pocket on the bag. I was planning on doing some more embellishing on the bag, but it never happened. I'm not much of an embellisher. It requires a lot of thinking on my part and I'm just done thinking right now!

And when I'm totally exhausted, I sit and crochet, and usually fall asleep. Here is the crocheted afghan I've been working on. I know some of you liked it better without the border and some of you liked it better with...and a couple of you suggested I add the blue. I did. And I like it with the blue. I felt like the blue just tied it all in together. Added some consistency to the mis-matched grannies.

Without a border

With a blue border...

I am having blogger problems. When I download my pictures they all want to stay together and the words want to attach to the pictures. I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden. Do you?

Cindy Bee


  1. Its so much fun to pack ( NOT) it does have its good points though.. Declutter... Anyhow thanks for the nice comment on hubby's truck fire. I went to see the truck at the lot and trust me it looks so much worse than pictures show..Its still amazing to me he got out ok.Not a scratch on him or burn. Hope you staid warm and dry these past few days..looks like a nice day today...Hugs from Indiana..Birgit

  2. The blue border adds to the charm of the Blanket..Hugs...........

  3. Yes..i like the blue border.... I am proud of you for tackling your packing...

  4. I do like the blue now that you have added it. I so remember the packing up of our house of close to 30 years, three years ago. It was so overwhelming. Not only did I have a lot of things I needed to get rid of but all three of my grown daughters had left things behind that were stored in the attic and basement storage area. I hope it all goes well for you. It took me at least 6 months to really get unpacked and find the right place for everything and I still have a few boxes waiting for my potting shed to be built. Hubs has boxes of books waiting for the bookshelves to be built in his den. That may happen soon since he is finally painting it this month. I like your bag just as it is.

  5. The blue looks great! Whoever said that it ties it all together is so right! Glad that it is you, not me, doing the packing, I must say...

  6. That blue is lovely... I'm thinking of starting some projects... To work on a little at a time...

  7. Hi're right, it is nice to declutter, but I find I'm having a hard time with it. I need to get rid of a lot more. (sigh) I do like my house with less stuff in it.

    RJ - Thanks...although Scribe mentioned that I need to stop ignoring my back room. Hmmm, maybe this week...maybe next.

    Brenda - I like the blue border too, now that I've added it on to a few and see how it looks. The pink seemed to be missing something. I think the blue frames it. You're right, it is overwhelming.

    Jeanne - you've went through enough, so I'm glad it's me packing and not you too!

    Scribe - Start the projects. Go back to that living room post you did a while back and start working on all that crochet goodness. How's the purl coming along?

    Cindy Bee

  8. Ah empty shelving must be a feeling of accomplishment.

    Seriously you fall asleep when crocheting? Since I'm a newbie to any crafting...I count and recount and review the rows 600 times a minute. HA! and you fall asleep....I LOVE that .... you are very talented!


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