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Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Crocheted goodies!

Remember back on my Easter post when I said my MIL would make some crocheted goodies for me? Well she did....but.....she didn't like the way they turned out, so she won't make anymore and she doesn't like the yarn :-( My MIL is 87, and she hasn't crocheted much since her stroke. Before her stroke, she would crochet with thread and make doilies, table clothes, etc. She isn't able to do that anymore, even though she is fully recovered from the stroke in most areas of her life, but she just can't like her crocheted pieces anymore. Now me on the other hand, I like the big colorful cotton yarn. {sigh}

And this is something I need your help with. I went to an auction the other day and I got this for $6.00!! There are 55 pieces and they are approximately 4 1/2 inches square. I was thinking of a throw, but it's not really big enough for a throw. Should I make it a throw anyway and just lay it on a piece of furniture, or should I make it longer and more narrow and put it at the bottom of a bed, or on a dresser, or what? What's a person to do? My MIL said she would put it together for me as soon as I decide what I want.

Close up. Someone went to a lot of work to make this, and to only have it sell for $6.00 at an auction. The weather was cold and rainy that day and the auction was outside. There were a ton of craft items but I had much to do to get ready for Mother's day, so I had to leave the auction early. Anyway, any ideas on what to make out of this would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


  1. Hi Cindy

    They look like they'd make a lovely runner. Have you decided yet?

    Also I have a photo challenge for you on my blog.


  2. I have not decided but I think the runner is a good idea. Then maybe if there are any left, I could make a pillow or two. I'll check out your photo challenge.

  3. I missed a lot of all of my favorite bloggy friends posts this week because I had decided I needed to get some much overdue house work done. I am having some company Saturday morning and it just was not going to pass my good house keeping rules. So I missed this post and came back after reading your auction post. Such sweet little squares. Can you crochet borders between each row with a complementary yarn to make a larger throw? Otherwise I agree with Cee a runner would look pretty.

  4. I totally understand the company thing. Last Sunday we had Mother's Day at our house, THIS Monday we are having friends over for a cookout, and then Wednesday afternoon I'm having the Granny Bee sitchery group here. PLUS - our neighborhood garage sale is this Friday, of which I am partaking! So I don't know how my blogging I'll get done this week. I LOVE the idea to crochet between the squares. However, I'm just learning to crochet. I'm going to ask my MIL if she can do it. She used to, but after the stroke, the little thread crocheted stuff was hard for her. This is why I love the blogger world. So many creative ideas. Both of them are great ideas. Thanks so much. I suppose whatever it turns in to will depend on what my MIL can do. I'll let you know. Cindy


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