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Friday, May 28, 2010

Gardening at the Granny Bees

Beth & Liz are neighbors and live in the Olde Silk Stocking Neighborhood. They have this business called The Granny Bees, and inside this cabin is where the Granny Bees sell their wares. When you step inside, you go back to the days of long ago. It's so peaceful and fun shopping in the cabin. We also get wonderful gardening ideas when we are there for the granny bee garden party weekend. Here are a few of their gardens.

This is between their garages.

This is a tea garden in a wheel barrow.
You will all need to make a trip to Kokomo, IN next year for the Granny Bee garden party weekend. Bring your knitting, crocheting, whatever stitchery you want to work on and come and join us.


  1. Oh bummer I missed it? I am driving through in a couple of weeks. I just potted up an old metal tool tote. I'll post about it after hubs gets a shelf hung on the outside of the hen house to show it off. Still have to get my sunflower seed in the ground. I think tomorrow. Meant to get it in last weekend but ran out of time. I posted pictures of all the sedum's I grow a couple of days ago. Check them out and let me know if there are anymore I should look for!

  2. I responded to your other comment about coming through in a couple of weeks. Are you coming by yourself? You should stop by and say Hi if you have time. We could sit out in the back yard, drink tea, and sweat! It is so hot here I can't stand it! Or stop by our land and we can take a little hike. Either place is just a few minutes off of 31, if you are coming that way. I am not a sedum expert, but I will check out your pics anyway.



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