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Monday, May 24, 2010

Granny Bee Weekend

These are the Granny Bee's and they are the most talented people I know. They are doing rug hooking, punch needle, and felting.
This is Erin and Marilyn. Marilyn is showing me her granny squares.
So, this past weekend was so fun that I'm going to spend the rest of this week sharing it with you :) After the garage sale on Friday, I packed up some hand-made items and headed for Kingston St. in Kokomo. The "Granny Bee's" (the stitchery group that I am in) were hosting a garden show all weekend long. Beth & Liz open up their yards to the public. The Granny Bee's have several hand crafted items for sale. It's a fun, fun weekend. So, Friday night, I wasn't on the porch five minutes when someone says, "Cindy, have you met Erin (sorry if I'm spelling it wrong), you two need to meet, she is making granny squares." I look at her, and she says something about how she got this pattern from a blog, and I say, "I have a blog!" She says, "you have a blog, I have a blog!" Marylin says, "I have a blog!" Don't you just love us bloggers? I do. I have made so many friends through this blogging world and I love it. So, Erin pulls out her phone and says, "here is a picture of my granny squares." I said, "HEY, Did you get it from Attic 24?" She said, "YES!" and that's all she wrote folks....the conversation was all granny-squared-chitty-chatty-blogging-fun from that point on.
More later.....but in the meantime check out Attic 24 who is listed in my side bar, as well as Marilyn's blog, Grandma Peden's Porch. I don't have Erin's blog yet. Erin - get me your blog! I need some faith based blogging.....


  1. Dear Cindy, I am the Queen of Whatever. I live in a Palace in your parts of the land....
    Erin is my loyal Scribe and IT person. She helped me set up my blog awhile back...She is a true good egg.
    She gave me your link....I must confess that I am in love (not in a creepy way) with Attic24...She of course doesnt know I exist(yet anyway...hehehe)
    I love your blog so far and like that you are located in my part of the world. I have been crocheting with E. for a short while and we have had the best time.....
    If you have time stop by my blog.My blog, however, is not like Erins. She is such a good girl....I am not always so well behaved. Nice chatting......TaTa

  2. Well first of all... I'd like to thank the Academy... ahem...

    I received a phone call today from the Queen that my portrait was floating around on the Internets... I stopped by your blog a few days ago... and Marilyn's, too... but I was shy and didn't follow them right away (blushing).

    So now I am officially your followers... click on my profile... you can access both of my blogs. Taking Heart is my faith based blog... and These Are the Places Where Grace Is... that is the one where I post my crocheting and artsy stuff... it is fairly new.

    Attic 24 is the big time... and I am loving her Grannies... I want to be her when I grow up. I did make an African Hexagon last night and it was deeelightfull! I posted a photo on my blog.

    It was great to meet a local... any friend of my mom's is a friend of mine!

  3. Oh boy new blogs to visit! Yeah! I am traveling your way next month to visit family. Hang out your window on the 17th when I drive by and wave! I promise I will wave back! My chicks are growing and I will post about them soon this week. Afraid gardens and grown children's needs have taken over my blogging time.

  4. Cindy,
    I agree blog friends are so great! It's like we all love to share ideas and new projects! I am so glad that school is almost over so I can really devote some time to photography and my blog!

  5. Queen - you are hilarious. Your blog cracks me up.

    Erin - Keep crocheting, you are motivating me to make more grannies!

    It is fun that we are all in Kokomo. Whodathunkit? So many bloggers right here in our little town and all drooling over Attic 24's grannies!

    Hey Brenda, if you have any extra time, stop by and say Hi! We live five minutes off of 31. If you don't have the time, well then I'll wave as you drive by!

    Mrs. c....when school is over I have less time :( I watch two boys who are involved in everything and I play faux' taxi Mom. Plus I have three nieces who visit, a Community Garden to run, beehives to tend to and right now I am fighting some serious poison ivy. AUGH!!!!

    Thanks for commenting bloggers!


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