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Thursday, May 27, 2010

Which bag to get?

Don't look at the flabby arms please. I know - you already did, didn't you. {sigh} It happens ladies, and it will happen to you. Go ahead and make fun, but when you turn 50, all the stuff you used to make fun of other people for, it happens to you. Anyway, I couldn't decide between the orange bag or the tan bag. What? Get them both you say? Okaaaayyy, but I really don't need another bag. Besides being a bee lady, I'm a bag lady. I know they are big, but they are lined and will hold knitting, crochet, and other stitchery projects. I got these at the Granny Bee garden weekend from "All Wooled Up." She has an etsy shop
The flabby armed bag lady,


  1. Yeah that arm thing is true..all of a sudden one day you gottem. urgh.. I'll be 50 this year, and I'm happier than I've ever been. So I accept these flabby arms and I know that it is up to me to tighten them up, I wonder if we wear wrist weights while we do needlework if it would be considered a workout, lol..its a thought, huh. I love both of your bags, I'm gonna have to check out one for me..have a great day!!

  2. My arms are not what they used to be either. I remember waving goodbye to my son one day and saw the back of my arm moving faster than my hand was! What was that I thought? Oh, my arm....great. :)

    With regards to the bags. I really like the orange but maybe the tan would be more neutral and you could wear it with more outfits all year round. Just my 2 cents. :)

  3. Oh yeah over 50 here and flabby arms indeed. I look in the mirror and think what in the world happened. I use them the same as always. I like the rust! Color is in. I love bags too. I think I like them so much because I have swelling feet problems so I have a hard time buying shoes. So I buy bags instead.

  4. You are all cracking me up! Here the post was really supposed to be about bags, and it turned into 'baggy' arms! So funny. I love the workout idea. I have some of those ankle/wrist weights somewhere in the attic. What's a person to do with them, you can't hang your clothes on them like the bigger exercise equipment! I liked the rust better too, and I bought in the a.m. Then later, in the afternoon, bought the tan one! It's hard not to buy when you are there the entire weekend. Cindy


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