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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Jimmy Buffett Concert

Remember Vickie? The one who turned 50 a couple of weeks ago. Well, for her birthday her daughter, Ashley, bought her four tickets to see Jimmy Buffett in concert. My Sister (Theresa) and I were invited to go along. Now, it's been a few years since I've been to a concert. I remember saying I was done with them, the crowds, the drunks, etc. But in the name of celebrating 50 years, I HAD to go.

Now, you all know what a thrift shopper I am right? It just happened that the day before, I got a trash bag FULL of leis, two grass skirts, a hat, and a coconut bra at a garage sale for 2 bucks!

My husband decided to personalize the bra for Vickie!

Here is Ashley helping her Mom tie on the bra. Vickie was very apprehensive about wearing it.

Until we got there......

This is us at my Sister's house. We all had little gifts for each other, leis, skirts, hats, glasses, hair flowers, flip flops, drink cups.....We put on everything that we all bought for each other. A little much, I know.

So we toned it down a bit when we went to the concert.
(Ashley, Me, Vickie, Theresa)

Coulda, shoulda, wore it all!

Can you find the "hat" in this picture?
Now see it! Yes, that is a hat.

And the beach balls were EVERYWHERE. Lots and lots of beach balls being tossed around throughout the entire evening.

I think one of them knocked over Ashley's $14.00(?) drink. Which made her sad, until.....

She saw what drinking does to a person. "DUDE! Get off my coat!" This guy was so drunk that he fell backwards in his lawn chair. Lucky for him it was a beachy type lawn chair, close to the ground. I did not help him, I just took his picture. Welllll.....if you are going to ....ok my family would not let me yell at him then, so I'll let it go. But let me just say, I'm hormonal, I want to yell! (and I do just want to add this... You know how you drink and you THINK you get better looking the more you drink. Trust me. You don't. Sorry family. I just had to say one thing on my mind. Just one. And let me add.....just kiddin'!)

Now Jimmy Buffett is a happy man. He smiled the entire time he was on stage. I'm thinking if I made that much money in one evening, I'd be smiling too :)

We all had a good time. It was a nice concert, and quite an experience!
Thank you Ashley for buying the tickets and Thank you Vickie for inviting us to go along.



  1. LOL Cindy. These pictures are priceless! It sure looks like you all had a fun time. And not doubt made even better by your garage sale finds that left you all well outfitted. :) It looks like so much fun!

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