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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Bunnies and Granny Bees

I'm just sitting here surrounded by cute little bunnies and fun 'new' old yarn.

Last night, at stitchery group, (Granny Bee's) I finished these little bunnies up and showed them for 'show and tell'. There was someone there, who shall remain nameless (sort of) and she was kind of making a bit fun of me, for bringing such a simpleton project. Well, I thought they were cute when I saw them on Clara's blog, who got them from another blog. So I decided to make some.

Well, hmmmmph to "someone" I say because several peeps asked me for the pattern.

And one of the Granny Bee's has terrible arthritis and her Doc said no more crochet or knitting. So she sold a lot of her yarn to us. Cheap.... I feel sorry for her. Twould be a sad thing never to be able to crochet or knit again. I have no idea what I'll do with this yarn. I just liked the colors.

Ideas would be helpful, and please do not say a scarf. I have a laundry basket full!

And check out this crocheted peep, which the Scribe gave me as we were leaving! SO CUTE. I really need to learn to crochet these little fun things.

It's so nice to have such good friends to hang with.

Yup...this'd be me...playing around with bunnies....

when I should be getting ready for our Easter celebration. (I have two more days, right?)

Cindy Bee

PS - When I got home from the Granny Bee's last night, I let the dogs out. Dixie went under the fence and into the neighbors yard. Also fenced. At 10:00 at night, and it was cold out, and I was tired. AAUUGHHH. To get him out I have to walk around our house AND the neighbors house. Our door is on the South side and his fence gate is on the North. So, I was sneaking to get my dog out of his back yard.....his pristine back yard I might add....and on pops his motion light and there he is, sitting there watching tv. Dang that Dixie dog. I've changed his name several times. It started out Winn Dixie. My nieces named him after the movie. I started calling him Dixie Doodle. Now I call him Dixie Doo Hou....for Dixie Doodle Houdini. Dixie Doo Hou it is. . .. for now....unless it's something else....bad....


  1. Cindy Bee.....How dare that snob at your get together dissing your bunnie bean bags. Some people are so pompous.............You should have thrown one at her .......!

  2. You love that dog. You do....He keeps you on your toes. (And in your neighbor's yard at 10 pm.) I think your bunnies are ADORABLE. And believe me, they are BEYOND my skill; so I'm in awe!!! Have a great Easter, Cindy!

  3. Awww...poor you. Dixie is always getting you in DooDoo. Love your bunnies! Poo on who ever scoffed. And the yarn with the pastels at the top or your pic would make a great little girls dress for Easter...don't ya think?? :o) xoxox

  4. RJ - Well I thought about throwing one at her...but as a Granny Bee, we have an image to uphold!!! (snicker, snicker)

    Rebekah - I do love that dog, darnit! My Shug brought home two long pieces of lumber to screw to the bottom of the fence. Winston took off with one of them playing with it before he ever got a chance to put it on the fence! They are in cahoots I tell ya! And I remember you making some Christmas crafts one year....something with potpourri or something.

    Hookin It - I'd love to make a little girls dress for Easter if it weren't way beyond my skill level and I had a little girl to give it too! There are only one to two skeins of each yarn. Think simple and small.

    Happy Easter
    Cindy Bee

  5. cute bunnies....lovely yarn - make a sweater or one of those sexy dresses....
    Poor Dixie he likes to rile you up...haha

    Happy Easter...if you celebrate.
    You just happy spring.....

  6. Thank you for showing your bunnies. I made 20 large and 6 small. I got them done ON Easter morning. Next year I will be sharing with my friends. These are the cutest.


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