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Friday, April 29, 2011

Royal Weddings - Tea & Scones

I decided that this morning would be a good time to have tea and scones and watch the Royal Wedding. It was actually my Sister's idea, but I thought it was a good one! I love royal weddings. They are so romantic. I was wondering if the 29th was significant for the royals for a date...because Charles & Diana got married on July 29 and her son got married on the 29th? I remember that because I too got married on the 29th'.....the first time around!

Anyway I thought you might like this scone recipe. I got it from the owners of the Pembrooke Inn in Door County, WI. Paul & Alice. I don't know if they still run the inn, and they never said I couldn't share the recipe, so here it is. (My Shug and I stayed there several years ago.)

You take 1 1/2 sticks of butter (use butter not margarine. You shouldn't be eating margarine anyway so if you are, stop)

3/4 cup sugar

1 Tablespoon baking powder

Mix together

I use my kitchen-aid, but be careful not to overmix.

Add 3 cups of flour

I add walnuts but the original recipe does not call for them.

1 cup of dried fruit

mix together

then add vanilla yogurt (the recipe calls for Danon. Mine was Danon, but it was Activia. It's all I had since I didn't plan ahead. It works)

one Tablespoon at a time.

until you have the right consistency. It needs to stick together

when you roll it out. My edges were a little crumbly but it worked.

You can either cut them like this, or make round scones.

I usually cut them smaller, like this,

so I can either have one or two for breakfast or one for a snack. Sometimes I cut the original triangles into three or four smaller ones.

The recipe does not call for milk on top, but I usually will either brush milk, or egg white on top of the scones.

sprinkle a little sugar on them

then bake them on 400 degrees. Watch them closely if you decide to make them smaller, they might bake quicker.

Enjoy with tea, or coffee, and Royal Weddings...or just enjoy!

Cindy Bee


  1. Yummy....perfect for the Royal Wedding Tea....thanks for sharing!

  2. If i was visiting, i would have to have my hand slapped in order not to gorge on those scones...

    And since you added walnuts,they can also be used to celebrate Arbor day!...but does that mean since you used Activa we can celebrate Urinary Tract day too ? ;P

  3. yummmmmy!
    and Catherine is 29... Prince William is almost 29..

  4. I think I need to go make scones :)

  5. I suppose... that if you get more than 20 comments I better be posting a recipe tomorrow... just sayin...

  6. That sounds like a yummy scone recipe!! Ours Aussie one just contains flour, milk, a little butter and some salt. They're great with jam, but yours sound like they'd be delicious on their own!!!


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