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Sunday, April 10, 2011

My week in review...

This past week was Spring Break for the boys that I watch. I decided to mix a little fun with a little work, since I didn't have a time deadline every day. So, besides doing a lot of painting, and packing, I also went shopping with my Mom, sister, and niece, had breakfast with my nurse/blogger friends, and went 'sailing' with my friend Teresa. Busy busy week. My Shug asked me this morning if I heard the bedroom door slam shut in the middle of the night! NOPE! I was that tired. I'm assuming it was because we had the windows opened and the wind blew it shut. Yesterday the weather went from wearing a coat and having the heater on in the morning, to a rain storm, to getting in the beehives as it was so hot and muggy and sunny outside.

BTW- I learned at the breakfast with my nurse/blogger friends about things like D-Cube(sp?) which is a term used when a patient comes in with bed sores and such on his body. I learned that if you pinch the skin on your elbow just right, it looks like a nipple of a mom that's been nursing for about six months. ewwwww......I am just not nurse material.....ewww again. I also learned how to do, and properly say, the word picot.

Which is a crochet term....

which, now that I look at it, looks a little bit like nipples! Good Lord these women I hang with!

My friend Teresa did not used to go garage sailing and now look!!!! I'm sitting in the car cracking up laughing....which is one of the reasons I go sailing. It is a social thing and we laugh and have fun.

'Hmmm, wonder what I could do with a head board'

I'm telling her that the bed would be cute as a "garden bed."

Yup it would! In the car it goes. Look at the back of her car.

I had fun. That is my coffee carafe' and pillow. Most of the other stuff is hers, but she has the booth at Treasure Mart. We refer to it as the shop. And her garage is a studio. And she gets items at good prices, creatively uses them or paints them or fixes them up, and passes the deals on to customers. The stuff in her booth is reasonably priced. I'll try to get some pics of it for you this week.

After sailing we went to our new house to pick out paint colors. I had an idea of what I wanted.

But taking the paint chips to the actual place that you are using them makes a huge difference. Check out this post for the results.

It was a paint, paint, paint, week. My Dad and I finished painting the garage this week. I am trying to pick out paint colors as Sherwin Williams is having a sale that ends today. And when Teresa and I were sailing we went to a sale that had paint, free until gone! Some gallons were brand new, or still very full, and it was good paint! I took all of the beige colors, whites, and this bluish color....

If nothing else I can use them in the mechanical room, closets, and pantry. They were FREE! The guy that lives there is a professional painter and these are left overs.

They had prices on the gallons, but they were FREE I tell ya.

And this folks....was the icing on the cake. This is a hand sewn, hexagon quilt top that I got for $16.00.

I'm visualizing lots of snuggly warm blankets on the porches to wrap up in at our new house.

If my MIL won't finish it for me, I'll probably just turn it into a blanket. Why? Because I've discovered I'd rather use it now, than wait for me to maybe quilt it someday. It won't happen if I wait and I want to use things now.

Wait until Mel sees it!

I told Teresa I'm going to buy another quilt at the next sale. I was joking of course, and there were only three sales...but would you believe this!

I got this blanket, hand made blanket, for $3.00!!! When I picked it up and showed Teresa she just started laughing and said, "God is good!"

Now, a lot of you are asking me why I continue to go to sales when I'm moving and getting rid of stuff. For one, because I am changing the style that I have and these quilts go with my new style. Remember this post with the pictures of what I want to do at our new house. They use a lot of whites and blues on the walls and quilts and afghans and pillows for color.

Two, I paid less than 20 bills for these two items....

And's fun.

Then I got to work. When I got home, I started tearing into the house, packing stuff up. I gave Teresa three boxes of stuff for her booth. I have three more to get ready to go.

I'm packing stuff every day. And look....

The more I get rid of, the more I like this place. So it motivates me to get rid of more. I told my Shug that in the new house, if we can't use it, I'm not keeping it.

I've got this much done so far. A long way to go, but I heard somewhere....

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. I keep repeating it....over and over...

Cindy Bee

PS - Sorry about the long post. I'm going to TRY to just do quick short posts, but as you can tell I've been away from blogland for awhile. I keep trying to catch up with all of you, but since the weather has changed and we are working on the house a lot more, I haven't had time. I will try to do better. We don't have internet out there so I can't even get online when I take a break.


  1. I know, I know. I think I saw the footboard too. I have a antique pine bench that was made out of both with the extra slates. Oh, how I wish I was home and could send you a picture. try googling. they are great and so much fun.

    Yes, I know better. I was just floating around on one of those "noodles" chatting away with the gal next door. Next, thing I knew my shoulders were a stinging. Bad, Kate, Bad, Bad, Kate. At least it's only my shoulders. No sun for this kid today. Inside, finishing my baby set as today is due date up the road.


  2. Looks like progress is being made. I took my hubby out to look at your house yesterday, but you werent there. I love Garage sailing....

  3. You had a busy week. I like the colors you are picking out. If you put up siding won't you pick a similar color? I am afraid I am confused with what you were buying the paint for?

  4. Kate - I love the garden bench idea with the headboard. She did pick up the footboard too. I'll have to tell her about your idea. About the sunburn...I had a basal cell carcinoma on my forehead a few years ago. It left a rather large scar for awhile. It's blending in now, but I try very hard not to get burned. Unlike the 70's when I would lay out with baby oil slathered on.

    RJ - I'm making a lot of progress. You'd be proud. The coffee/tea pics are hanging up in Teresa's booth! I want to get rid of it all!

    Brenda - We have three porches on the front of the house. They were all supposed to be T-1-11 and painted a color. Then we would have only had white siding in the middle section of the house and paint (color) on both ends. Well, we sided one end, that was supposed to be painted. So now, I think we should side the other end. We were going to paint it, as originally planned, but I don't think it would look right having just one end painted a color. So, just to see if it would look right, I painted the Tyvek. I keep going back and forth with what I like, so I think we should opt for low maintenance and side it...white, like the rest of the house. You might understand it a little better if you check out the house blog. Or maybe it'll just confuse you more! Who knows....

    Cindy Bee

  5. Wow I would so love to go shopping with you. Those quilts are the best finds I have seen in a very long time. I love free if I see it I throw it in the jeep too.
    Laughing with girlfriends the best thing in the world regardless of the subject that is pretty funny stuff. SMILE have fun. B

  6. Those quilts would be great here in the Hollow! I love picking up old stuff and the cheaper the better! Love the green wicker sitting room!!!...:)JP

  7. B & JP - sounds like we all need to get together and go sailing! Although....we'd probably be fighting over the same stuff!

    Cindy Bee

  8. I am stunned!!! Where did you get those quilts???? My mouth was wode open at the prices you paid. I obviously live in the wrong place!!!! I am a quilter and I loved, loved, loved those!!! I am currently hand quilting a grandmothers flower garden I sewed together by hand. If I do one hour a day we think I will be done by December, but I have a new book contract which has to be done by December so we'll see if the quilt actually gets done.

  9. Wow, Cindy, you have A LOT going on!! I don't envy you the move; it's such a difficult, stressful process. But, yeah, stay focused on baby steps and the wonderful end. I like the colors too, Brenda, very soothing. And yeah!--awesome finds!


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