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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

A mis-match of things...mostly dogs!

I remember the day he got his braces ON...he was sitting in the back seat of my car, crying, because he was "soooooo unhapppy...." It was like the worst thing that could ever happen to him. I asked him yesterday if it was worth it. YUP! And besides, look at this gift basket they gave me, he says. Popcorn, hard suckers, tootsie rolls....everything you are not supposed to eat while you have braces on. Look at those beautiful teeth!

Over the weekend I went to a friends house who just started crocheting not long ago. Look at her adorable puppy and her adorable puppy's sweater that she made. I proceeded to show my friend a picture of my adorable puppies.....not!.....adorable that is.

As a matter of fact, I just told Beth this morning while chatting on the phone that I don't know why I put up with their shit. Yup folks....I said shit. S...H....I....T! See there, I said it again. Yesterday I was planning on having some cheese and crackers for lunch.....someone called wanting some information. I had the cheese and crackers on a plate on the table, but the information they wanted was in another room. When I came back, my cheese was gone. And it was the last of the cheese in this house. (Winston!)
I didn't even yell....I don't even bother anymore. I do love them though, and they are cute. And adorable when they are sleeping....see here...


They are sleeping on the couch. Are they supposed to be on the furniture? no....I've given up on that too. I couldn't break them (probably ingrained from their past lives which I know nothing about) I decided to let them use a blanket to sleep on, while on the couch. A compromise of sorts. Well, see the brown blanket that neither of them are sleeping on? That's the one they are supposed to use.

Apparently they decided they like home made items better, because that's an afghan that Winston has dug out and decided to curl up I made when I first learned how to knit.

And I'm guessing when Jeanne sent me a comment on a very old post of mine (January 1 to be exact) and she is telling me her ripple is done and she is getting ready to do a reveal! She had not read this post of mine.

So Jeanne, I just want to thank you for reminding me that my dogs peed on my ripple blankey white yarn. (Seriously folks, LOOK at her reveal of her ripple. It is gorgeous and huge! It fits her bed and it's gorgeous I tell ya.)

So, yesterday I went into my....ahem...craft (clutter) room and took the ripple blanket out and pulled out that white yarn and took it to the basement and put it in the washtub with some soap and water. It's soaking. I KNOW won't be easy to wind that yarn back up but I just could NOT crochet on this blanket knowing there was dog pee on the yarn.

In the meantime...I'll show you some adorable dog pics...since someone did ask about them :)

This is what I pick up several times a day. It's their toys....they've made a game out of taking them all out of the basket.

It is very hard to get a picture of this guy.

To get a good picture anyway.

VERY VERY HARD...because...

if he isn't sleeping, he's going 100 miles an hour....ALL THE TIME.

Always getting into something he isn't supposed to get in to.

Eating whatever is in his path.

Or thinking about bugging his older brother.

Who is sitting up here minding his own business.

Again...Winston is minding his own business while Dixie tears up a toy ...

Why do I put up with it....

I don't know.....

You just gotta be a dog person to get it.

Aren't they adorable?

Cindy Bee

PS - Don't think for one minute Winston doesn't get in trouble or isn't active. He does and he is.


  1. I am "in" love my Scruff muffin .....but I have a crush on Dixie....hehehe

  2. Thanks for the update on the hounds. They are very cute and dog like. I think dogs make us think differently. Like you 'know' not to leave the food out but you want to 'not worry about it'. I hear ya!

    Or when the temps hit 80 degrees and you're out walking your girl and right in the middle of the walk she's had enough and lays down in the shade, long green grass and hangs out for a few minutes. This just cracked me up...she needed a break for the warm weather and just took one! We should all do that...take a break when we need it.

    BTW love the blanket Winston has chosen for his snuggie!

    Have a great day!

  3. Oh and the boys teeth are fantastic! He should be very proud to wait it out!

  4. You put up with it because they are your babies! And you LOVE them. :o) And they are so cute....both. Of course you know I'm partial to terriers anyways. xoxo


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