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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Rain Rain Go Away...

I didn't get Farm Friend Friday posted yesterday because I got caught up in all the royal hoopla, but I had good intentions, so here I am today, posting for yesterday. Fortunately, I'm not too late.
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A couple of weeks ago I was walking on our land by our pond that has the creek running through it. I was checking on the beaver dam,

and their destruction. We actually like having the dam there because it builds up the water level in our pond.

As I was walking to the dam, this lady honked at me.

I didn't dawdle because I've been chased by them before when they are guarding their nest and it's pretty scary. Watching me trying to run is pretty scary too. It's one big scare-fest!

We have had so much rain lately that you can't even get to the pond. It's actually flood-zone and it has flooded.

We don't know if the goslings have hatched or not, but the nest is definitely under water.

See the bright yellow in the middle left of the pic? That's (ahem - blushing here) water guns and rafts and such, that we left out from last year. Well, we thought we'd have time to get them in but winter hit it in the arse and we never got a break from the cold and snow all winter.

So that is where we usually SIT when we play in the pond.

Definitely under water...and when my Shug got to the house on the day I was taking these pics he said, "wow the water level has gone down a lot!" I didn't get there day before, when it was really raining hard.

You can kind of see where the water was in these pics.

And it was getting ready to rain again when I took these pics.

Yesterday it did not rain, but it was cold out until about 2:00ish.

Here is the creek which has come out of it's bank and into our woods.

I actually think it's beautiful when it does this because it reminds me of South Carolina swamp land. However......

I am concerned for our farmers folks. This is NOT a pond, it is a farm field.

LAST YEAR most of the farmers had their crops in by the first of May because April was perfect. Just perfect. But in June it rained every day, every single day, and most farmers lost their crops. And if they didn't lose them in June, they lost them before the summer ended because after June it didn't rain again...all summer...HUGE drought after the flooding. Two years in a row will be devastating.

Now it is raining so much they can't even get their crops in the ground.

And it's supposed to rain again tomorrow.

We've had destruction all over the states from storms, rain, and flooding.

Today, however, it's supposed to be gorgeous and in the 70's. I've put my life on hold today for anything except my bee hives. I'm making splits, and getting everything taken care of with my bees that I can because it might be awhile before I can get back into them.

Cindy Bee


  1. Wow Cindy that is a lot of rain. We have had quite a bit of rain also and both of our ponds are up. Only worried about the back pond though because if it goes over its banks it means the ground water is high and it will be hard to get our garden in on time. Two years ago it was so wet that we did not get our garden in until June and that was after pooring in tons of peat. Spent the morning dusting the hens and cleaning out the coop yet again. We will have to do it again in a couple of week. They have feather mites. Cost me 100.00 to take one to the vet and figure out what was going on. Hopefully we can get everything back in order in the next couple of weeks because until then we have to toss the eggs.

  2. I hope everything improves for you. It's such a gamble to be a farmer. Last year we had the floods and lost a lot of crops here in Iowa. While I'm thankful this year has been much better so far, my heart goes out to those who have had such difficult spring weather.

  3. Yes it is raining a lot here also. Everything is flooded. The farmers are not going to get their fields planted. We had decided to plant a couple of fields of hay this year but I think that is not going to happen. Our hay fields are flooded but the grass is growing my cows keep looking over the fence. Maybe it will stop soon. B


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