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Friday, April 22, 2011

Looking for 'shrooms...

A couple of days ago, I decided to go 'shroom hunting.

I found some pretty wildflowers.

I love the way nature mixes the yellows, blues and whites.

I found some faerie homes!

and more faerie homes!

I found a mud bog that was FULL of deer prints.

It looks like they made a heart shape out of it! (I later asked my husband about this and he said it's where he puts salt for the deer to lick)

This is a huge hedge of berry briars...

Which is the area where they reached out and grabbed me last winter. I carefully made my way through them this time.

And why is it every time I am where there are no restrooms, I have to pee. Jeeesh this happened last time. (Hey Pammy Sue, she said, this particular picture is just or you! )

Wonder who lives here?

and here...

I heard an expert speak on mushrooms one time and I don't even think about trying them if I'm not 100% certain they are edible. Some are deadly.

See what I mean!

When I got to our pond area.....

I heard the most awful squawking noise and when I looked up there was the biggest blue heron mad as can be because I was walking near his/her territory. Scared me! I never did find any mushrooms.

But yesterday, when my Shug was mowing our back yard, in town, he found these!

Growing right in front of my beehives. He ran over a bunch of them before he saw them! Sometimes you only need to look as far as your own back yard!

Q. Do you know the one RULE that you MUST follow mushroom hunting?

A. You MUST carry a mesh bag, or a bag with holes in it (NEVER PLASTIC) so the spores from the 'shrooms can fall through to the ground and grow again next season.

Cindy Bee


  1. Ohh. I love those Morel mushrooms! Can't beleive how lucky you are that they were in your back yard! However, your little hike looked very adventurous and potentially dangerous....It was like watching an episode of "Man vs. Wild"

  2. heehee...I would carry my shrooms home in plastic and empty all the spores ...out in my backyard so they will grow there

  3. so pretty out there ms bee! nice nature walk thanks! with this weather we have been having, It sure was nice to get for a few minutes.

  4. I really like this one, Cindy. I'm going to link it to my blog one day next week if that's alright!


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