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Thursday, March 24, 2016

A very colorful Spring-y Easter post!

Happy Spring!
  I don't remember ever having weather this nice, and blooms and buds this early in the year, but I'm glad of it!
  I am very excited about beekeeping this season, and so far so good on my hives.
(although you never know for sure until you get inside and inspect)
We've spent the last few days preparing for Easter dinner.  Last count... 25 people.
I cut some forsythia branches last week and brought them inside to force them to bloom.

When we had Easter last year, we ran up and down the stairs bringing food up because I didn't have a kitchen on the main level.  This year, I have a kitchen.  Mom asked me if I needed any help.
 And Mom ALWAYS volunteers Dad!  See all of those lights and fans hanging in the above picture?  Well, we are still constructing on this level, and everything is dusty.  So while I went up the ladder to clean each and every blade and shade, I had Dad hand me the rags.

While Mom took a Q-tip to the door frame! 
Laaaaw that door frame ain't nevah gonna see a q-tip with me. 
Nevah I tell you! 
Who does that?
 I guess there was "a bug in the door frame."
You go Mom.

 And this is the "big room".  The "dining/living" room.  Or the "great-banquet hall".  Depends on what we plan on using it for at the time.  Lately, it has been the "construction site", where we saw wood and paint trim.  So, we cleared all of the construction materials out of the room and re-located them in various places in the house.  Then we washed windows, window sills, and swept the floor.  
Then, we went to the various places in the house, and pole barn, and got whatever tables and chairs we could scrounge up.   
No worries on the junky looking tables, they all get covered.
I also planted a bunch of rye seed in various pots and containers.  Or maybe it was wheat, it's been too long since I bought it.  And either way, it looks like grass, which is the idea.

But I was getting concerned because it wasn't growing quickly enough, so I drug it all upstairs to the big room and put it in the windowsills.
And I started baking.  Cakes freeze pretty easily, and I decided the more I can get done earlier in the week, the better.  Only now it's Thursday, and I'm still baking cakes!

I did NOT bake this cake.  My neighbor did.  I just ate some of it, and wanted to show you because it's so pretty and colorful and spring-y looking! She invited us over for coconut cake the other evening and My Shug does not say no to coconut cake.  Or sugar cream pie.  Or peach pie.  Or chocolate sheet cake.  I could go on.
I did get one thing hung on the wall in the kitchen.
And you remember the pansies and such that I bought at Horton's a couple of weeks ago.  Well, they are planted.
 Finally, sunshine is making the grass grow!  That...and water spritzes three times a day.

I especially needed the grass in these pots to grow!  They were for my friends in crochet group.

 And I needed to figure out this Peep pattern before it did me in!
 Well now how cute!
 The pattern is a free download on Ravelry titled Easter Marshmallow Bunnies by Doni Speigle.
 And look why I needed this grass to get growing.  I was hoping it would turn out as cute as I planned in my head, because late last night I was finishing up these Easter peeps!  And I needed them this morning!
 Adorbs, if I say so myself!
Can't stop taking pictures......

Dixie is looking out for the Easter Bunny! It won't be long now.
Cindy Bee


  1. Cute little Easter baskets! You are going to have another one of your awesome family gatherings. Happy Easter CindyBee!

  2. Great post and how wonderful that you are having 25 family members for Easter dinner. Happy Easter!
    Connie :)

  3. Your Easter bunnies are gorgeous and look fabulous in the grass. Hope you have a wonderful Easter celebration - I'd be having nightmares if I had 25 people coming over, but thankfully that isn't going to happen here!! Have fun!!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful Easter. I loved all your pictures. I felt Like I was there. The bunnies are sweet.

  5. Cindy, you are a never ending source of energy and inspiration. I am loving your house. Well done.
    Cheers Fi

  6. Cindy, Could I borrow your parents ?LOL I love all those wonderful windows in the room. You are so clever with your pots of grass. Love the finished cute. Glad you are going to have a family gathering and have the room you will need with that big a group. Blessings to all of you Cindy. hope your Easter is sweet. xoxo,Susie

  7. Wow, look at all your beautiful vignettes. We have that yellow shrub in our garden too, I never knew what it was until now. Your neighbours cake looks amazing too.


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