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Monday, March 14, 2016

Lunch in New Orleans (sort of)

 No, I didn't go to New Orleans on a much needed vacation!  This is a restaurant in the town I live in.  I've been to it many times, when it was other restaurants.  But it changed hands a few months ago and they added some decor to go with the already very cool old building.
 It made me wish I was on a vacation!  
I meet with some ladies I used to work with at Purdue, once a month for lunch.  We used to always meet at Panera, then we started going to McAllisters.  Now we've decided we need to spice it up a bit, so we've started meeting at different places each month.   And, we are trying out all of our downtown restaurants at the moment. 
 I know...who does this....takes pictures of ceilings everywhere she goes.  We are putting up a tin ceiling in our "great banquet hall" or living room (whatever you want to call it) and I look at them every time I go somewhere that has one.    I never realized how many places I go to that has old, tin ceilings.  I love old architecture.
 Or new architecture made to look old.  I love this desk/table too?  Someone in our group said it was a bankers desk.  I don't get it.  What was put in those slots?  Anyone know?  (sorry about the reflection of the light.  It kind of messed up the picture.  They put a glass top on this desk and a base to boost up the height so it could be used as a table)
 I also love bringing the outside in, and the inside out.  This is a door that is INSIDE.  I've had my share of bringing the inside out, by living in one room in the basement.  I would do as much entertaining as possible in the better weather, using our patio as part of our room.  Well, guess what.  We are NOW LIVING ON THE MAIN LEVEL OF OUR HOUSE!  WOOHOO!!!
A couple of weeks ago, I told my Shug, "Next weekend I am moving upstairs."  He said he wasn't, and I told him I'd miss him!  We both moved upstairs two weekends ago.  I knew he'd go where the cook went!  Upstairs, as in, on the main level and not in the basement.  So I have been trying to find things like these chair pad thingys....

 in a room FULL of boxes.  The room used to be organized and I knew where everything was, but no more.  So, not only have I been going through boxes, I've been doing stair laps.  In every spare moment I have, I've been bringing stuff to the main level and putting it away.  Now, don't get too excited, the house is not finished.  Nor is the main level.  But the kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, laundry room, and den is finished.  So, I have everything I need thus far to live on this level. 
Check out the kitchen here!

Cindy Bee

PS.  I'm going to be posting every day this week, to get caught up for the month of March!  I am I tell ya!


  1. What an interesting post. I think it is so cool that your group of friends are rotating around to all the restaurants in your town. You should contact the newspaper and see what they would think about you doing a restaurant review based on the groups thoughts. Who knows it could turn into a very cool new adventure and maybe a local column :)
    Just a thought.
    Connie :)

    1. Connie,
      What a cool idea! I will give it some thought, and ask them if they want to do something like that. Sounds fun!
      Cindy Bee

  2. When I saw the first picture I though maybe it was where we went to eat when we met up that one time. Then I was not sure....going to check out the kitchen now!

    1. Hi Brenda,
      That place sadly went out of business and I can't remember why, but I believe it was political. But, this place is right around the corner from the place we ate at.
      Hope you like the kitchen!

      Cindy Bee

  3. Hi Cindy, So happy you are in the main part of the house. I have not been to down town Kokomo for years....I need to go have a look. I love that the buildings are being taken care of . Blessings to you, xoxo,Susie


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