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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

It's my birthday!

I'm 52 years old today. I think when I was a baby I must have been put in my crib and I would lie there listening to fireworks. I love them. And I love lying in bed at night now, listening to them as I doze off to sleep. We live in town and we hear a lot of them at night. They've already started. I also enjoy going to the July 4th celebration at Conner Prairie, and visualizing what it was like 'back in the day'. Back in the day when people cared about their country. When they celebrated their freedom. When they appreciated it. I sometimes close my eyes and pretend......

And this is what I would like for my birthday! I would like to see


with their right hand over their heart,
every time they hear the Star Spangled Banner being played at whatever function they are attending this weekend.

No hat on,
no gum being chewed on,
no talking to the person next to them
No talking on their cell phone,
no texting,
no walking around,
you get the idea...
with their right hand over their heart AT ATTENTION.
When did we become so disrespectful?
When did we stop caring that people, our own Americans, lost their life, or their limbs, or their sons, or their daughters, or their Dad, or their Mom, FOR US, FOR OUR COUNTRY.

I would like to hear everyone sing along.
It doesn't matter if you're off key.
Be proud of our country.
Our country that our fore fathers fought for,
so we could be free,
so we could have a country.

I'd like for you to think about what you are singing.
Don't just mumble through he words.
Do you even know the words?
Look them up - you have a couple of days yet.

I'd also like to see every house displaying an American flag.


That's what I'd like.
I'd like to take a picture of my street,
with an American flag flying in front of every house.

That's what I'd like.

I'd like to see everyone wearing these too! Ok - kidding about these, but aren't they fun? I saw them being made on Martha a couple of weeks ago, only in pink, and I just had to give it a try.
Go celebrate, thank a veteran, and Have a Happy July 4th.


  1. Happy Happy birthday Cindy!!! I celebrate the 4th with my hubs family small town style. Pot luck and a parade right in front of my in-laws house. Everyone stands and puts their hand over their heart, you would be pleased.

  2. Couldn't agree more Cindy!! Hope you had a happy Birthday!

  3. Thanks for the Birthday wishes. I did have a good one. And I'm glad you all agree with me about the patriotic thing. We gotta get this country back on track!



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