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Friday, July 2, 2010

My birthday cake!

Gee I hope I don't get banned from the Queen's fav list for this post!

I bought this brand spankin' new cake pan, at a garage sale of course. It was still wrapped in the plastic inside...never even opened!

Vinh and I decided we wanted to make a cake with this pan, and what better excuse than my birthday. So, I decided to let him give it a go. Well the first stumbling block was how can you tell if it is 1 1/3 cup of water, when there isn't a 1/3 mark on the measuring cup?

Such drama!

My Shug decides to help out.

Anh,the boy's Mother, comes to pick them up, and Vinh isn't ready to go. So she helps with the cake. I said I'd bake it and he could finish it the next day.

This was how much overflowed from the cake pan. Actually, this was how much I caught before it fell onto the bottom of the oven! What a mess. We now know not to fill the pan so high.

I let it cool overnight in the pan, filled it with vanilla and chocolate ice cream the next day, and put it back in the freezer. When it came time to ice the cake, it didn't want to come out of the pan! While I went in the other room to get my camera, Vinh yells "ummm, I got it out..." It kind of plopped out on the side of the cake plate, but it was out! WOOHOO!
During the day, my Shug calls wanting to know if he should pick up a cake on the way home. "uhhh nooo, why would you say that?" Well, the cake was looking a little rough last time he saw it. We were having some people over for dessert that evening for my birthday and he wanted to make sure we had dessert.

We quickly iced the cake, remember there is ice cream in the middle of it, and I threw on some mini chocolate chips. Well, Vinh thought I should have written something with the chocolate chips. Not enough time, I say. So he takes the chocolate chips and starts 'writing'. AUGH!
Still writing....."Hurry Vinh, the ice cream is going to melt!"

Finally.....and he spelled Cindy. Special.

Now just look at that yummy good cake!
And because Anh (Vinh's Mom) thought the cake wasn't going to turn out, she brought over some home-BAKED ;-) cookies, eclairs and cream puffs! Oh yee of little faith. Vinh and I knew all along it would be perfect!
Happy July 4th....remember....stand at attention....see post below!


  1. Ahh...Cindy that is wonderful you had so many working on you birthday cake. You must be loved so much. And your hubs worried that your cake was going to be perfect also. How sweet. My daughter has one of those pans. I do not remember if she ever had trouble with it or not. She made quite a few cakes with it the first year she owned it. Happy 4th! We will be standing to attention.

  2. Well ...It looks like a battle took place, but you came out unscathed Bee..I love retro kitchen stuff so I would have grabbed that up as well....Good Work...Happy Birthday

  3. Happy Happy BIRTH day to YOU to YOU to YOU! Lerve the love and effort into that cake... priceless!!

    Kudos to the bee rescue as well...

    And ask little V if he knows my oldest Christian from school? He talks about his friend V all of the time.

    Again Happy BIRTHday... on that day God chose to begin something good with YOU!

  4. Thank you all for the lovely comments. I had a wonderful birthday.

    Taking Heart - I will see V tonight. We're all going to Conner Prairie for the July 4 festivities. I'll ask him if he knows Christian. (Was that the Hacienda birthday song you sang to me?)

    Queen - I love retro kitchen stuff too. My kitchen was decorated that way for awhile, then I went to boring teapots and such...I'm ready to go back. Bright reds and blues and yellows......

    Brenda - yes it was so nice that they all pitched in on the cake. So funny that those that pitched in were worried about it and Vinh and I were not!

    Happy 4th y'all!


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