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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I'm confused-seriously

Can I complain here? Because you know, it's not something I do very often, not on my blog anyway, but I'm a little confused. You see, I went with my husband to a Farm Store here in town, which is probably not locally owned, which is why they don't give a care about what I want. I wanted to see if they had a Middle Buster in stock for the tractor we have at the Community Garden, or if I would need to order it. My husband told me "good luck" when I told him I needed a tractor part. So, I get in line and wait to talk to someone, because there is no one around outside or in the back by the tractor stuff. When I get up there the 'customer service' person says, "oh, you need to come in between 8 - 2 and talk to Marshall." Is she kidding? What if I just got off of work and drove 45 minutes to get there? I didn't, but what if I did? And yes she was serious. And this is a FARM store and I needed a TRACTOR part. That's the part I'm confused about.

I went to find my husband. I couldn't find him, but I did find flour sack towels on sale for 99 cents! Those make really nice dish towels, they look good wrapped around home made bread for a gift, and they are nice to embroider on. So I pick up five of them. I went to the checkout and there he is in line. He has one item and I have my towels. The lady rings up his item and he says to her "it's on sale." Speaking of his item. She gets the paper out and starts thumbing through it. He says, "it's not in the paper, it's in the middle of the aisle, with a sign in front of it, come with me and I'll show you." She says, "is it very far?" IS SHE SERIOUS? Does it matter? We are the customer---were the customer---I'm not sure I'm going back there, free popcorn or not! While they are going to look at the price of his item, I look at the register and my towels did not ring up on sale either. Seriously. When they get back I said, "you know what, my towels didn't ring up on sale either, but just forget it because they are very far, and I'm not going back there to get the tag. But from now on, what I will do when something is on sale, I will TAKE the tag off of the shelf and bring it up with my item." Here's a better idea though. I think I will order my tractor part from a locally owned farm store that cares. It will cost more, but it will be worth it. I guess that's the price we have to pay for service, huh? Seriously.



  1. Cindy,
    I am assuming the clerk was young, much of our youth today don't have any idea of how the real world lives. They are rude and without their texting and such they don't know how to converse or relate to 'real' people. What an awful shopping experience, guess I'll be going to the pet store for my kitties ProPlan from now on!! Hope to see you at Granny Bees Wed.

  2. Cindy,
    You might call Rowe's Trucking here in town. they basically service semis, but they might be able to order a tractor part. They've been working on Don's truck since he's owned it and they're really nice people (it's locally owned)


  3. Oh my gosh I can't believe she said that! I did giggle though when I read you told her it was "very far" for your tag.

    I'm sorry you went through that though. I am often floored at the attitude of some people who are in the service industry who obviously don't have a clue what customer service is. You sound completely justified in your frustration.

    I hope you find the part you need at the locally owned farm store and that they take good care of you!


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