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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Rain Rain Go Away.....

On Monday, it stormed so hard we lost power for a couple of hours. Vinh, the ten year old that I watch, was so excited when I lit the oil lamps because he thought it was going to be fun to live like John Boy Walton. Um, did John Boy have a DS?

Yesterday I went out to see the damage done at the Community Garden from all the rain we've had.

We usually work in the Comm. Gdn. two to three times a week. Because of all the rain, we've worked four or five times the whole month.
We still have ten rows of corn we need to get planted!

This is on our land, Hilltop Farm. This is a pond that has a creek flowing through it, however, that tree is usually on dry land.

This is the creek. The water is so high it's up to the limbs on the trees.

These are free range chickens out by our land. We all know they are better for us than the chickens stuffed 5-6 to a cage with no room to even flap their wings, force fed too much food, and given antibiotics because they are so unhealthy. What are these chickens doing in the road?

Mourning a loved one maybe. Or complaining that those humans in cars need to slow down. I think the rooster on the left is shunning me! Although I did slow down and wait for them to get out of the road, someone didn't. WHY? Does it really make a difference if you get to where you're going 60 seconds earlier? Have you ever seen someone weaving in and out of cars, driving like an idiot, only to find you are sitting beside that same car at the next stop light? People, SLOW DOWN. What if this were a child? YOUR child. This is the same area where the deer was hit last week.



  1. Why are people in search a hurry anyway? SLOW DOWN, enjoy this ride of life, nothing is worth the risk of ending this journey for anyone, whatever it is it will be there, it will wait, if its not or doesn't, it wasn't worth it in the first place. You are right, enough of this rain, we may not see it yet but I'm sure God has a purpose...we don't always get to see the Big Picture, just our little corner of it.

    Have a great day!

  2. How cute that a 10 year old would know who John Boy Walton was and want the lamps lit!
    I agree with how people need to slow down! Leave 5 mins earlier if you need to be someplace that fast!

  3. Poor chickens... I think chickens are stooopid... but would never hit one with my car on purpose! We raised chickens for a spell when I was a kid... but we never could eat them... lol.

  4. Oh bummer. Do not like the look of that. I have been waiting for my chickens to get a larger before I let them out of their run. Now I keep thinking of how busy the road out front is.

  5. Robyn,

    These boys have basically grown up at my house. The younger one acts more like me than he does his own Mom! He likes to plant things, to spin, to be outside....and we used to watch the Waltons every morning until Comcast took away the Hallmark channel from my Basic Cable. I'm so close to going back to an antenna! Cindy

  6. Taking Heart - I think that might be where the saying, "Bird Brain" came from! And Brenda won't ever eat her chickens either! She's named them!


  7. That poor chicken. :( You're so right. Some people are ridiculous on the road. I'm sure they could have slowed down to avoid this.

    I hope the rain lets up for you. It's been raining quite a bit here too and I'm so ready for it to go away! I guess I should be grateful I didn't loose power and have to live like John Boy Walton. :)


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