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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We're not Millionaires

We are not millionaires (see previous post). We are dollar-aires!



  1. Bummer, maybe next time...

  2. My daughter reminds me daily that we are centinaires....

  3. Funny story - a friend and I used to buy a lottery ticket every week. We'd each pitch in 50 cents because we were going to split the winnings. Well, I said I was going to make a bank (it was a coffee can and i put all of our losing lottery tickets on it for decoration) and we would buy our ticket, then each put in another 50 cents in the can. When we got enough money saved, or if we won, we'd go out to eat. We went out to eat at least three times on the can money, never on the lottery winnings. Cindy


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