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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Chocolate day at Garden Thyme!

About a week and a half ago my Sister's neighborhood was having garage sales. My cousin, Gloria, and I decided we'd go. And if it rained, as it has been doing for the last month, we'd just go shopping in 'real' stores. Well, it did rain, but not too bad. We went sailing for a couple of hours. I found a few treasures, but she made out like a bandit! She bought lots of clothes and toys for her grandchildren. She even bought a recliner flexsteel couch and love seat, that she had to go back and pick up. Made her hubby real happy as they live about 1 1/2 hours away :-)
Here are a couple of my purchases.

An antique doll bed for a dollar. I want to make a quilt for it and put the dolls in it that my nieces play with when they visit.
This is another one of those Nautica shower curtains that I think would make a great quilt. One dollar folks. Why buy new?
I love old cookbooks, especially ones with stories and history in them. This was published in 1942!

This is her van at the end of the day. We even picked up a kid! I am calling this kid our weekend child! See the plants.....well that is a story in itself. You see, we met my Sister, Brother-in-Law and niece for lunch, then we went to a very fun (for me!) fabric/yarn store, then we went for a latte'. As we were standing in line I said, "Gloria, you know what? We are not very far from this very quaint little garden center and it has a very old brick schoolhouse building, and they sell lots of cute gardeny 'things'. I forgot all about it but I think you would love it. I've only been once but would you like to go if I can remember how to get there?" She is a gardener too, so we went.
I found it! And it just happened to be CHOCOLATE DAY! Now, unfortunately I did not have my camera with me. I did have my phone, but I'm missing a little disc thingy to download the pics. So, I asked the owner to send me some pics of chocolate day. Here they are.....

Now I know what it looks like this llama is doing, but it is actually climbing up on a bench. Yes they had llamas there for the day.

Chocolate hedgehog. yum They also had other chocolate treats, and they were selling lunch that day too, but we had already eaten. They even had chocolate, iced, coffee.

The owner, Kim, with a beautiful llama. I want to spin that hair!

Garden Thyme is the name of the place and it's easy to find. And while I was there I saw someone that looked familiar. Well, she was the lady who sold purses (remember the two big bags) at the Granny Bee weekend, here in Kokomo! What a small, small world.

These are the plants I bought. Gomphrena, Kentucky Colonel Mint, Candy Mint, chamomile, and a lily. The lily is something I have been looking for, for a long time. After it blooms, it gets these little black berries on it and it dries beautifully. I can't remember the name of it, and we planted it on our land, so I can't go look. I'll try to find out for you if any of you want to know. And she gave everyone a free chocolate mint plant.
Check out Kim's website at
She is trying to save the schoolhouse and she is using the money from plant sales to save it, so pay her a visit. You won't regret it. Guaranteed fun!


  1. oh cindy i love this place i haven't been there in probably 2 years butg it's awesome and kim was great!!! i just love the school house i can't believe someone would tear it down. looks like you had a great day!!! marilyn

  2. Hi Marilyn,

    It is a great place. It's just fun. All the stuff she has sitting around...I loved it. i can't believe someone was going to tear the school house down either. I think a lot of people just don't have an appreciation for the old. Missed you at Granny Bees last night.


  3. Cindy Bee...I am so embarassed about not knowing how to download more pics...I knew it was something silly....You would love that antique place...We should go..I could ask taking heart...and her mom..
    I am sure I could get away from my duties at the Palace .

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