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Friday, June 11, 2010

"Sailing" treasures!

It's been awhile since I've shown you some of my garage sale finds, so instead of going "sailing" this morning, I thought I'd take time to update my blog and download some pics of things I've gotten from sailing over the last few weeks. But here's the thing. I forgot to rotate some of my pictures - so you'll be getting your neck loosened up on this post. Some of the pictures are sideways, and I cannot for the life of me figure out how to rotate them, once they've been downloaded to the blog. And guess what folks...I'm still on dial-up, so I am not going to re-download them. It takes at least 15 minutes a pic! (I know - don't even say how ridiculous it is) Got the necks loosened up?
This is a 1991 issue and I paid 10 cents for it.
This is the first issue, from 1975, obviously the 70's! You gotta love that crocheted tunic! Again, 10 cents.

I had to pay a little more for this book. A dollar!

I also paid a dime for this issue and the bonus in this was.....

An article on Tasha Tudor, plus a cross stitch pattern of hers. I don't do cross stitch anymore, but still.....never know when I might pick it up again.

Got these vintage pieces of chenille. I think it's more fun to make things out of vintage material. Plus, I have such a huge supply of material, yarn etc., that I'm trying to not buy anything new. If I buy, it's only from garage sales, auctions, and such. And that's only because there is just so much vintage left to be bought, and when it's gone, it's gone.

More vintage fabrics.

Bag of buttons for a dollar.

I just got this yesterday! Made in the 1960's! Does anyone else out there remember this game? You put a marble in the top, let it roll down to the bottom, and where ever it lands you either get points or lose points. That's all I remember about it. My brother and I had one.

Bird feeder - had to pay four dollars for this, but I thought it was worth it.

This is one of my several nieces. She went "sailing" with me a couple of weeks ago and I was so proud, the only things she asked for were handmade!!!! These little rabbits were nekked, so she went through my scrap stash and we made some clothes for them.

A quarter for all three.

She also wanted this adorable bear, which was only 10 cents! I think I am going to have to make some of these! SO CUTE!

How embarrassing to forget to rotate pics. Jeez I'm a dork! Anyway, this bear has a funny story. I went to my friend, Teresa's, and the conversation went like this....
Teresa: What did you find garage sailing today?
Me: blah, blah, blah...."and I got the cutest teddy bear for 25 cents and the original price tag was still on it for $89.95!"
Teresa: "what? huh? A pedicure for $89.95?"
Me: Laughing - "Noooo, a teddy bear, not a pedicure! Oh jeez, we are acting like old people! At least we can laugh about it!"
In our defense, we were sitting in her garage (she was actually having a sale) and the fan was blowing on us because it was so hot out. I'm sure the noise from the fan limited our hearing capabilities. Anyway, I've named this bear "Pedi!" I know, not very pretty, but 'twas pretty funny!
Anyone else get any good deals sailing? Or have any funny stories like that one?



  1. Cute bear and cute story. And I do remember that game. I think my brother owned one and I remember playing it often. But I do not remember the rules of the game at all. Too long ago. Great price on such a lot of buttons. Love buttons! Sweet niece.

  2. I have still yet to get out there and shop out of garages this summer. Working the weekends makes that rough. Nice finds... lerve the bird feeder.

  3. Brenda,
    I can't remember the rules either. My niece had a lot of fun playing with it this last weekend though, and that's what counts! I love buttons too.

    Taking Heart,
    I have found lately that there are some sales on Thursday's. Maybe you could go then. It's so fun finding treasures.


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