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Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You gotta be a crafter to love this!

This looks like a picture, but it's a stitchery that one of the Granny Bees made. I liked it because it's just the opposite of what everyone is preaching now a days, even though it seems I'm always trying to simplify. It says...."Everything in excess! To enjoy the flavor of life, take big bites! Moderation is for monks!" (sorry about the glare on the pic. we could not get it to go away no matter how many pics we took)

So I thought of this stitchery yesterday, when my friends and I got together for breakfast. There are four of us that meet for breakfast once a month. We used to work together and I just love visiting with them. One of them, Susie, is a crafter and she told us this story....

"I was sleeping the other night and Don woke me up because I was tossing and turning and talking and tearing up the covers." He said, "Susie, wake up, you're dreaming! What's wrong?" She yelled, "SOMEONE STOLE MY FABRIC!"

You gotta be a crafter to love that story. I guess she did get a hold of the thief by the arms and started shaking him/her yelling, "give me my fabric!"

Keep that stash hidden,

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