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Monday, June 21, 2010

Sewing Bits & Pieces

After we celebrated Father's Day at my brother's house, we went to Border's to look around a bit. I found a new sewing book and I can't wait to sew some of the fun projects in it. (probably won't be until winter though - sigh)

I think this owl is adorable.

And these tea them. I think when I move, my kitchen is going to be bright and happy!
A pincushion with a flower on it. My Granny Bee friends love pincushions!
Just thought I'd share a few pages of my new sewing book. It has several sections in it. Kitchen, Bed & Bath, Children, Party, Crafts and Adults.
Gotta get busy...the sun is actually shining right now. It's been raining and storming for days here.


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  1. I love those tea towels! I want them in my kitchen too! :) But as I'm sure will be no surprise to you...I can't sew! LOL But you've helped me get further ahead in the cooking department so I'll stay tuned in the winter when you start your sewing projects. :)


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