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Thursday, June 17, 2010

My summers are too busy!

What I do in the summer...besides cook, clean, laundry, watch two boys all day (I have since they were babes), and garage sale.....

Work in the 'muddy' Community Garden. This garden is a one-acre plot of ground and since 2003 we have harvested over 105,000 pounds of produce. It all goes to organizations in our community that feed the needy. I'm Coordinator, which means I make a lot of phone calls, e-mails, and do a lot of paperwork.
Work in my own back yard. This is my corner of the world. My cottage (potting shed) that my husband built for me. When we move, I will miss it more than anything.

Work in my beehives. I have eleven total. These are the hives on our land, Hilltop Farm. It's almost time to extract honey. A LOT of work.
I'm concerned about this hive. It's not as strong as it should be for just getting a new Queen. If you click on this picture and make it bigger, you'll see what larvae (baby bees) look like.

Visit with family. This is at my brother's house last Sunday.

Pick and preserve food. I freeze, dehydrate, and can any fresh food I can grow or people give me. Right now it's blackberry season.

Make pies.

Eat pie and ice cream! YUM.

And try to sneak in some relaxing craft work. My granny stripe blanket, or as my husband called it, my "Alabama Flash" blanket. My granny bee stitchery group really liked it! I didn't think they would because they mostly like primitives, but they liked my blankey!
And I'm doing a lot of pondering. Ponder..ponder...ponder...


  1. oh wow, that's looking so beautiful!!!!
    It's growing too, Cindy :)

  2. i remember many a Summer day in my garden growing up...I can still picture all the beans and cucumbers on the kitchen counter.
    I love thinking of Late Summer evenings when the grass is cold at night and the garden was dying off......sigh...sometimes I wish i could go back to those days

  3. Thanks Melx! I'm glad I listened to my blogger friends and kept it the Alabama Flash colors. I love it. Your blanket is looking good too. Cindy

  4. Queen, you can always come out and work in the Community Garden. We'd love to have you. We'll even give you some beans and cukes to put on your kitchen counter!


  5. Wow that is a huge garden. We are in the midst of strawberries. Our June bearers are almost done and the ever bearers have started in. Hubs had counted 60 some quarts as of today. I need to find some more Rhubarb soon. I make strawberry rhubarb jam and mine and dad in loves favorite strawberry rhubarb pie. Your blanket is coming along beautifully.


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