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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

Dad at the Chicago Botanical Gardens a couple of years ago.
Father and son (my brother Duke)

Father and daughters (me, Theresa) at a container gardening seminar. Twas a lot of fun.

Dad and his kids. (Me, Theresa, Duke)

Our family, minus two that couldn't make it that day.
Happy Father's Day, Pa!
Oh - you thought I was done posting? But aren't you wondering why the picture of the pies? Well, here's the story. Last night, I call Mom to see if her and Dad would like to go out for breakfast. You see, we celebrated Father's Day last weekend at my brother's house, and my parents are going out for dinner with my sister and her family, who couldn't make it last weekend. So breakfast it is. Then Mom says something like..I have a bone to pick with you..something like that. I said, "why?" "You made a blackberry pie and we didn't get any!" "You don't even like blackberry pie!" "No but your Dad does." Well, I happened to be making him a strawbarb pie as we were speaking. So I made another dough, stretched it to cover the gooseberry that my husband wanted to try, the strawbarb that my husband wanted, and the blackberry and strawbarb for my dad to choose from.
And how did she know I made a pie anyway. She saw it on my blog. So, let me just say....that pie was for Dave because he watched the boys for me on Friday, the week he was laid off, the entire morning. So me and Teresa could spend an entire morning garage sailing, without kids. Both boys - all morning. And he said all I had to do was BRING HOME lunch. Not make it, bring it home!

Tomorrow folks....the story of Henny Penny....or some such character that grows wheat, makes bread, cooks bread and no one wants to help.....I think that was her name. I'll find out. I have the book. My mother read it to me as a child :-)



  1. Have a great day!! Nice family pics, pies look reaall good!! We never know who's gonna read our blogs, do we?? And we didn't think they even knew how to use a computer!!.lol.


  2. How funny that your Mom saw it on your blog! Your pies caught my attention too. :) I made cookies for my Dad last night but maybe one day I'll graduate to a pie.

    And guess what is in my freezer ready to take over to him today as part of his Father's Day present? Some dinner thanks to you! I tried the recipe you left on my blog and you're right; I didn't mess it up and it was even easy! :) Thanks!

  3. Loove fresh blackberry pie... but I promise I won't beg you for one... maybe. hehehehe

  4. Crafty Crow - Well I knew they knew how to use a computer, somewhat, but they usually will only check my blog when I send them a link. I guess now they must check it more often. I called a friend Friday and she said, "Hey I was just thinking of you. I'm reading your blog!" Who knew?



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