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Monday, June 7, 2010

Berries and Berries and more Berries!

We've been picking and picking and picking strawberries.

Remember Easter, and our egg hunt? Well, a couple of weeks ago we found this in the strawberry patch. It had a melted kit kat bar inside.

I have made several batches of strawberry freezer jam. Do you all know how easy it is to make freezer jam?

I've made strawbarb (strawberry-rhubarb) pies. We have rhubarb in our back yard too. My Dad got in trouble for taking such a big piece! But not as much trouble as my shug got into for eating an entire pie in one night! I'm serious. I had one small piece, and when I got up the next morning the empty pie plate was in the sink. He has no shame when it comes to pie.

We've had strawberries on pancakes, shortcake, and ice cream.

And tonight, while picking more strawberries, my shug found another Easter egg. He threw it to the side. I decided to open it and look what was inside!!!! We can't scratch it off yet because it is too damp from all of the rain we've had lately. So we're letting it dry out. I wonder if we're millionaires!!! I'll let you know.

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  1. YUMMY! You've been so busy, those photos are great :)


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