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Monday, February 6, 2012

Granny Square Messenger Bag - done!

First of all, thanks everyone for the compliments and for helping me solve the mystery. It's really weird because I had everything together in a basket. The yarn, the hook, the blanket. I tried again, loosening my tension, still wrong. So now I have two wrong sized squares that I'll probably turn into pillows. Anyway, I switched up a crochet hook size and it worked beautifully. I still have to stitch the squares together and finish the border, then I'll have a blankey ta-dah moment!
But it isn't done yet.
However, this is!
Remember these squares? I never really said what I was going to make out of them. That's because at first it was going to be a bag. Then after making so many squares, and thinking it through, I decided to make an afghan instead. Then when I realized I would have to make this many squares all over again for it to be an afghan, I went back to the bag idea.

And here it is!

A messenger bag. What do you think?

This is the back. And I'm using it to hold yarn projects.
You know the plastic bags that sheets and bedspreads and such come in? Well, a lot of the Granny Bees use those to hold their projects they are working on'. It's great because you can see through them so easily. So, I made the messenger bag to fit this plastic zip bag.

I can slide the bag out, work on my next project, and put it back, and it looks just like a bag.

What do you think?

Cindy Bee


  1. WOW! IT IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It looks great Cindy. Glad you solved the problem and finished your bag!!

  3. What a sweet bag, feeling inspired!

  4. Beautiful Cindy...You are the poster child for the mantra..."Busy People get things done!" See you Wednesday at "Bee's"...

  5. I think you did a marvelous job Cindy! I love it! oxoxo


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