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Friday, February 3, 2012

Valentine's Exchange

OK - since I'm about as honest as they come...

I put all of your names on a heart (aawwww)

and drew them out, one by one.

First name drawn, exchanges with the second name drawn...and so on.

And all of you, except Theresa, are listed on my side bar.

Theresa is the only one blog-less....come on Theresa...start blogging!

So we will count on Theresa to contact Julie.
All of the following blogs are listed on my side bar.

Remember, in an envelope, fun, pink/red/heart, valentine-y stuff, hand-made or not, in the mail.

Ladybug Dreams - The Country Cellar

Grandma Pedens Porch - Bee Lady

(we still gotta mail it - that's the rules!)

Theresa - east 4 plus 1 more (something like that!)

Reality Jayne - just breathe janis (no cheating)

hookin it with mr. lick lick - Granny Bee

I hope you all enjoy this. Post on your blogs what you got.

It'll be a great beginner post for you Theresa.

Happy Valentines Day!

Cindy Bee


  1. You are putting us to shame with all that you do...I can just about visit all by blogs to leave comments, Cindy Bee...:)JP

  2. I visited Granny Bee and left her a comment to email me. :o)

  3. what a darling idea, if I had not been so busy reading pinterest....I would have done this as well. I will be sending YOU something! Please send me an address and i will send it out this week. ( I will not post about it until after you receive it so it will be a surprise!! I posted the bee for you! I knew you would love it! Have a great weekend!


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