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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Winter Woolen Workshop - preview tour

Behind the scenes.....If you've never put on an event like this, you have no idea what it takes to pull it off. I know, I've been 'in charge' of events like this before.....deeeeep cleansing breaths...

is what I was saying to the Granny Bee when they were trying to set things up last night.

She pulled it off! She's working hard in her slippers!!! (tee hee) She is NOT telling anyone to just let her finish this up by herself, that she sometimes just works best alone. She didunt say that....and I am not putting it on my blog. Cause if I did, I'd get in troub!

But there she is, all alone, gettin' it done!
So let me just say, this room looks wonderful today. And let's just go on a preview tour ok?

These pictures were all taken last night, during set-up. Kathy....are you helping or not?

Kathy and Barb were reminding me of when I was a kid. Mom and Dad would put me in charge of watching my brother and sister. Both instigaters as the younger siblings. I'd be trying to do something, and I would be a bit frustrated, and they'd be laughing about it. Just sayin'...

hand spun alpalca fiber made into all kinds of cool things like socks, scarves, sweaters, mittens, stuffed animals, etc.


More fun felted pins.

Angela, from The Country Cellar (see side bar) and her sister have these adorable pin cusions. Isn't that teapot cute.

This guy was in a room full of menopausal women, his wife, and one woman that was trying to stop smoking. He knew to do what he was told, and do it with a smile on his face!

And this little alcove...well it's the Crochet Council's area. We 're having fun. I'll report more later.

Wish you were here!

Cindy Bee


  1. Wow, What a lot of work! Good luck, Cheri

  2. Looks like a great workshop! What a neat place too for the event!

  3. Aaaaah thank you for sharing our booth pics. We did have a good time.


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