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Friday, February 17, 2012

News and other stuff!

Good morning! I've already had my morning coffee, and I'm getting ready to go on an adventure. I'm very excited. A yarn store and an antique store. I've never been to either place. And I am not going to feel guilty for buying more yarn, so don't even start with me. My Shug is working this weekend, I've already gone to the library and loaded up on videos, and the Winter Woolen Workshop is next weekend. I have things to make and I want more yarn!

But before I go, I need to speak my mind. So you can skip this part in red if you don't wanna hear it, and just go right on down to the fun part of this post. Or read at your own risk.

First, I turned off word verification. Blogger has changed the format and it's just too hard to verify words now.

Second, my Random Act of Kindness yesterday (this is RAoK week) was to not flip off the person that cut me off pulling into the parking lot that I was pulling out of. She was looking DOWN at something on her passenger seat, and pulling into the parking lot, at the same time. Coming right at me. When she looked up, she looked she was thinking...."whut....whud aye Dooo?" So lady, if you're reading my blog, It's America. We drive on the right side of the road all the time! I was nice. I smiled and kindly gestured for her to get in her own lane. I'll try to find a better act of kindness today, but let me just say, attention when you drive. My Mom thinks I text and drive. I don't. I only read a text at a stop light. Not while I'm driving.

Thirdly, this whole Whitney let me start out by saying that I loved the Whitney Houston we all loved and knew 20 years ago. She was this sweet, God-fearing, beautiful, humble, thankful, singer with an absolute gorgeous voice. But people, she turned into a drug addict, and raised a daughter in a drug environment, and everybody knew it. EVERYONE. So, first, why did she get to raise a child in that environment? Where was Child Protective Services? My prediction, Bobbie Christine Houston Brown, plaintiff, vs. Child Protective Services, defendant. And second, when are we going to start taking responsibility for our own actions? It is not Whitney's Doctor(s) fault she overdosed. If we continue to blame doctors for overdosing people, we're going to have to go to the pharmacy every day, and pick up one pill a day, rather than a month supply. And if this incident happened in our town, we'd say in that quiet-better than thou voice......"well what did you expect, he/she did drugs for the last 20 years." End of story. AND. DON'T. EVEN. GET. ME. STARTED. on lowering the flags at half-mast....for an entertainer.....uh's just wrong. WRONG. I'm trying to stop here...

And Fourthly, I'm watching the news again, can you tell? Apparently there is a restaurant in Vegas that some Washington group of people are trying to get shut down, on morals. It's called the Heart Attack Grill. Waiters dress in nurse outfits. The hamburgers are called triple by-pass and such. And some guy had to be carried out by ambulance because he really was having a heart attack, and people thought it was a publicity stunt. Oh yeah, people who are over 350 pounds eat free. First of all, it's Vegas. Enough said. (I'm going there in March, Vegas, not the restaurant)

And this is exactly why I read blogs instead of the newspaper or watch the news...geeesh

So onto blogging fun....

THIS is what our floor is going to look like, in the living area of our basement. HOT! I am SO excited. I'll post about it on the house blog...later, because I'm running out of time.

And this little Dixie Doodle guy is just cute. He lays on the chair like that so he can stare at me while I'm on the computer. I'm gonna go give him a hug, right now. Hold on...
On the dog front, we've only had one "accident" since I laid down the law, and they started getting more attention, and I have restricted their running around space when I'm not home.

And here is a pic of my next WIP. I just started fumbling around with this cotton yarn that I love. Fantasy Naturale. It's doesn't split like the cheaper cotton yarn does. I just had to get away from Granny's for awhile. And guess what? I gotta go get ready for my adventure because the store we are going to has this yarn!!!! WOOHOOO!

Chat later,

Cindy Bee


  1. Sounds like the perfect day for you! You deserve after the stresses of the parking lot AND the news!

  2. I'm a bit worried about your blood pressure, Cindy! Calm down!! It's not that I don't agree with you...

    Have fun in the yarn store ... my favourite kind of shopping!!

  3. Couldn't agree more about Whitney -- complete agreement!

    Secondly, when can I come over and steal your Granny Stripe blanket? I crotchet too but the thought of making that both warms my toes and makes my arms/back ache at the thought! I am jealous and want it ;)

    Thirdly, good for you - I would have laid on the horn in the parking lot. I've gotten to be such a grump that if I see anyone who is texting and driving, I immediately call 911 - every time! I got hit in Sept. by a "distracted" driver who rear-ended me so hard that she totaled my car and broke a tooth! I have no mercy about distracted drivers. Emma and Taylor will be driving in not time and I am worried about all the distractions they will have to deal with - we had the cassette player - they have talking cars, GPS, cell phones, texts and now cars that read Facebook posts to them as they drive!! UGH! I'm getting all worked up now! Anyway, I'm just sayin' -- you are a better woman than I...even on RAoK week, I would have blasted her :)

    OK, so enjoy your weekend and thanks for listening to my ranting ;)
    Hope to see you sometime soon,
    Jodie (with an ie)

  4. Definitely sounds like an exciting adventure, 2 of the best kinds of shop - going green here - have brilliant fun :))

  5. The red Capitals is why I come to this blog :)

    Love ya sister from another mister!


  6. Cindy, You are killing me :):)I loved your red letter parts LOL. I can't wait to see all the nice things you will be making from yarn. You are very good at working that yarn girl. Have a fun weekend watching movies and crocheting. xo, Susie

  7. Wow Cindy - can I come over for the weekend and we can go together?
    My beloved is taking off for the weekend in a couple of weeks and Ill have to find some sort of entertainment - you could come here and we'll craft shop together......

    On the red letter front - that is exactly why I just. don't. watch. the. news. anymore.

    Too much crafting to do anyways.


  8. Oh, and Im with you on the google verification thing - those two words were awful to read. Might have to see about taking them off mine.


  9. Cindy Bee ,You made me laugh today sometimes common sense goes out the window on whats on the T.V or what the news reports hour after hour! Lol Cindy bee you made me chuckle I had a day like that at a pharmacy with a rude man who jumpd to the front of a long line. I felt like I had a bee in my bonnet! Lol Cheri

  10. Sent you a personal e-mail about your doggie situation, but it probably ended up in your spam mail folder. I love checking out your blog and appreciate the many musings you post. All the best... Debbie

  11. Re: Whitney, I'm never sorry to hear someone has passed away, especially in such a senseless way. But she had choices in life, and she made the wrong ones. When she was trying to revive her career, the media itself did nothing but deride her. Now that she has passed on, they're treating her like she was the most talented artist to ever grace the stage. Kind of odd. I think all this non-stop attention devoted to her death is way blown out of proportion. We should be making a bigger deal out of all the service members who lose their life in the senseless wars we're fighting right now.

    1. Oops... I meant to say I'm always sorry to hear someone has passed away...

  12. I'm there with you on all that you ranted about. Although on the Whitney thing, I do agree with you but on the flip side and Devil's advocate and all that stuff...their life is totally different than ours is. And although they all start out like us they end up like they do. Their pressures are tremendous. But you are right in that it is all in the choices. We all have choices to make in life and we all have to suffer the consequences of those choices. She suffered hers didn't she? The media is the problem....they always are. Why can't they report what it is and not sensationalize it all like they do with everything?

  13. Dang blogger, I went to edit and it wouldn't let me. I wanted to say that I'm glad that I don't walk in their shoes...I wouldn't want to. But we don't know what they've had to endure in their lives and I can't judge them because I didn't walk a mile in their shoes. They're not better than me, I'm not better than them.

    Anywho...see my post. I did receive Beth's presents, did she receive mine? I hadn't seen if she did or not. I'm glad the babies are doing better. That is no fun. How's your MIL doing?


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