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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Granny Square Love and other stuff

The Granny Bee (see side bar) called me the other day and told me I needed to get this book. I told her I'd seen it but it seemed like I could do most of the stuff in it already, without the book, and I am getting a little tired of making grannies. BUT I took another look at it, and I decided I better have it. Cushion covers, footstool covers, embellishments, Christmas stockings, etc. It's by Sarah London . I'm excited about it now and I think I'll make everything in it! But first, I gotta finish the projects I already started. my word of the year.

Remember these granny squares?

Here is a pillow I finished with them.

I had purchased these pillows, cheap, at a garage sale. I always buy pillows at garage sales, wash them up, and recover them.

And this material was actually in our garage sale pile, to get rid of! I can't remember where I got it, but knowing me, I probably got it at a garage sale in a bag with other materials. Anyway, it's slick and even though I liked the pattern, I did not like the fabric.

But slick is just what I needed to slide into the granny squares I stitched together.

Not too bad huh?

Here is the other side.

And I did get the other square done for my big granny blanket I started last year.

Thank you for your advice. I went up to a size six hook. I must be more tense than I realized! Although last winter was much worse for me. It looks like it fits the bed laid out this way, but it doesn't. I didn't photograph the bottom part of the bed.

Anyway, I'm a little disappointed because I wanted this blanket to fit on our bed. I know it doesn't match the pillow I made. I already have an afghan to match it. This blanket matches a rug I already have, and I started it last winter. So anyway, it looks like I need to make four more, and hope and pray I have enough pink and blue leftover to go around the whole blanket.

On another note...

I made some chocolate cupcakes last week and took them to the granny bee meeting.

I also gave some to my cousin, who stopped by, along with a valentine heart. I don't usually get into valentine's day so much, but here's what I decided. You don't have the pressure of Christmas, with a gift. No big meals like Thanksgiving or Easter. No cookie exchanges, or entertain, so you don't have to clean the house up! So it's low stress and fun!

mmmmmmmmm ....I put conversations hearts on them.

I got this lovely thank you card in the mail, for giving her a crocheted heart! It was her birthday!

(I'm getting a lot of mileage out of those crocheted hearts.)

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, its a book! of course you need it!

    sheesh, honestly.

    And I am very proud of you finishing things.
    Love the cushion, and the blanket. Ive got squares just like that, but stuffed in cupboard somewhere. Maybe they would match yours if I sent them to you?

    PS. I am busy in the shed at the mo' working on something, will show the photos when finished.

  2. hi...hi the blanket could be added to...
    I feel bad i missed those cupcakes.

  3. Fi, I know, what was I thinking. I should have just bought the book to begin with, but I was spending too much money on magazines! I can't wait to see what your shed project is. Heck with those squares, I'm making more...I want those flowers you found in a box!

    RJ - I'm adding to it now. I decided to just do it. Finished one square this a.m. and started another. Next time, I'll save you a chocolate cupcake if you don't show.

    Marilyn, I don't know where your comment went, maybe it'll show up when I refresh, but the heart bunting pattern came from

    Cindy Bee

  4. The blanket is such a project! Good for you concentrating on finishing it because it's beautiful so far!
    Love the pillow and your GREEN mentality. I have trouble buying 'soft' items at garage sales. but you're right clean'em up and use'em!
    The bunting is cute too.

  5. Oh yeah...if you want to shake things up..... CHEVRON is so in right now!

  6. Cindy, what a cute pillow. You are way more talented than you know. Smiles, Susie

  7. OMG------ , such a cute pillow and penant....etc.
    Love, Love, LOVE IT !!!
    I would love to learn it from you when we move back to the states. (^.^)v"""

  8. Your cupcake liners are so cute. On Martha Stewart the other day the guest turned those cuties inside out if they were filling with candy etc, then the cute designs could be seen. Clever I loved your valentine blog!


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