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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Friendship Bread, Grannie Squares, and Valentines the Granny Bees the other day someone was giving out friendship starter.

Why doesn't anyone ever want friendship bread starter?

When you say, "does anyone want Friendship bread starter", people run like it's zucchini in July! Have you ever had the bread/cake it makes? YUM

So I took a start...

Squeezed the bag for the first few days...added the ingredients...squeezed the bag...

and made the bread.

I was all excited to take pictures of this yummy looking bread, but for some reason, it wouldn't come out of the pans without falling apart! Oh well, no matter what it looks like, it is still very moist and yummy. (might have been that I didn't have any instant pudding so I used the cook and serve kind)

Now I have four bags to give away. Anyone? anyone?

And you know I've been knee deep in granny squares, preparing for the Winter Woolen Workshop. (see side bar for information)

My cousin had last Friday off of work. She came over. She's a lefty. And I wanted to see if I could teach a lefty how to crochet. Well, she was fumbling around with the hook and yarn, and I got a little panicky inside, and I admit, I was hoping no lefties sign up for my granny square class. But then something amazing happened. She held the hook in her right hand, and voila' she started making grannies!!!

Perfect little grannies! Easy peasy, huh cuz?

I was showing her how the grannies I made look sewn together. (above)I didn't much like them.

So I decided to stitch some white, cream, or black around them, to see if that would help.




First set of grannies in above picture no border.

Second set, white border.

So I went to the library and got some of my favorite, easy-to-watch, movies.

Movies I've seen before, so if I miss a bit, no big deal.


Miss Marple

Enchanted April

My House in Umbria

Enchanted April


Cross Creek

and on Sunday, I got up veeerrrrryyy early. Six episodes of Cranford later...

I have stitched white borders.

Ta Dah!

More on this later.

Because...before this post gets too long, I want to make sure the following people are the ones who want to be in the Valentine exchange.

If anyone else wants to join, let me know before Friday.

See previous two posts if you don't know what I'm talking about.

Theresa (no blog)

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Reality jayne

just breathe janis

east plus 4 & 1 more


And just to recap - it does not have to be handmade. Not all of my blogger friends make things. I went to the fabric store and bought a few fun small pink heart things that fit in an envelope. It's just fun getting Valentine-y stuff in the mail. Think simple, small, and fun. Or if I must say and easy!

Cindy Bee


  1. Your Granny squares look fab, love the edging. My daughter is a lefty, and it's ben tricky with teaching her to knit, we'll just stick to right hand crochet I think when she's ready.
    What is a friendship starter?
    Looking at your film choice, have you watched Downton Abbey? I love that series!

  2. You are going to have to do a follow up to let us know if you were able to unload the starters lol.

    Hiiiii Cindy!! I am back and trying desperately to catch up and keep up. How are you? I love the new photos you've added on here since I last checked in!

    P.S. I NEED more honey. Like seriously NEED it. I've been picking up store bought and it is just not the same.

  3. I haven't has the friendship bread in years. It brings back good memories.

    Your granny squares are lovely and way to go on teaching a leftie!

  4. Friendship bread sounds like a lovely idea. I'm assuming it's like a sourdough starter? I was always going to try sourdough and never got round to it ... then I had to stop eating gluten, so it'll probably never happen!

    Those grannies are looking good! And I'm really impressed that your left-handed cousin is crocheting right-handed. Not sure I could easily switch hands! Now you've inspired me to get my crochet out and have some fun!

  5. Funny you just reminded me I have four bags of this starter in my freezer YES RUN!!!!!! It does freeze OK I think I have not be able to make it. I could not give it away either. LOL Maybe I will pull it out tomorrow and give it another go. I had three people trying to give it to me at once two years ago it is just like zucchini LOL..Have fun Nice squares. B

  6. I came just especially looking to see what happened about the mail thingy...haven't been on since that day. I'll have to remember to look tomorrow. :o)

  7. Hi Cindy,

    wow, that is a lot of friendship starter.

    I have no idea what friendship bread is, but I do make my own sourdough bread with starter that I keep as a pet.

    My sister is a leftie, and I had to teach her to crochet - and watching her try to turn herself inside out crocheting with her right hand was torturous.
    So, eventually, I took her to the computer, sat her down, and made her watch a youtube video on how to left-hand crochet.

    Perfect! She now crochets along cheerfully and I don't cringe inside watching her anymore.

    You have done a brilliant job on those crochet squares Cindy - what a trooper!


  8. Cindy Love,
    Please put me in your drawing...Thanks Granny Bee

  9. Cindy, You cracked me up talking about the starter bread. Wow, girl, great job on all the crocheting. It all looks pretty with the white borders. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  10. Yes Cindy Bee still planning on joining in the Valentine fun. Even bought a pink envelope today..tease...of coarse can't say what I will be putting in it.

  11. Forgot, love the white boarders!

  12. Cindy, I love that Friendship bread! It must have been the cooked pudding that created your problem. Wish I lived closer!...:)JP

  13. Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the granny square compliments! I'm enjoying making things with them, but the actual square patter is getting a bit old.

    Friendship starter bread is some goupy sourdough starter that you have to have to make this specific bread. You have to squeeze the bag of goup for five days, then you add flour, milk, sugar and squeeze for a few more days. Then you follow the recipe and make more starters and bread. So it's never ending. I just sent all of it with my Mom to my Sister ;-) She'll be happy about that. Or not.

    OK getting ready to do the valentines exchange!

    Cindy Bee


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