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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Winter Woolen Workshop - part III

OK, so you remember yesterday's post. We were going to sneak over to this building and take a picture from this round window.

But before we go to that mansion, let's check out this "chick with sticks".

This is what the WWW is all about. Teaching people how to do handwork from days gone by. She learned to knit on Saturday and got busy making a scarf.

Now this is in the 'other' mansion. The Seiberling mansion. The one my Shug and I got married in. These ladies are quilting. There were people sitting around knitting and spinning too.

As we began our climb to the top,

I said, "psssst....hey RJ (reality jayne)...look...see this landing?"


"It's where we stood when my Shug and I got married."

"So, whadayagonnado..take a picture of it?"

"yeah...I think I will!"

I walked down those steps, in my weddin' dress, and did not trip!
Look at some of the gorgeousness in this place. This is one of the bedrooms, in the round area.

Walking up the back steps (the maids steps)

A painting on the 2nd floor...

As we wander around some rooms, and look at a few displays, I snap a couple of pics. But not many because we were on a mission. These stoves were once made in our little town.

Chick with sticks is doing very case you were wondering.

This is the grand ballroom. It was hard to get a good picture because of all of the people in it.

It goes through that archway. And there is a stage on one end of it. I imagine it was where the band sat. And we were up here, on this third floor, trying to find a door that leads to another stairway. We just needed to get up one more flight, to the attic, but the doors were either blocked or locked. But see that room to the right. Well, there was a door in there that was not locked. We went in.....

What. In. The. H?

Are you kiddin' me? This was the only room, unlocked, and accessible, and there is no way I could get a picture out of this window. Crap.

So we went back down to the 2nd floor, which wasn't near as exciting. But I snapped a couple of quick pics. Because we had to get back. We were gone awhile.

And one of my granny square peeps did come back. She was doing very well by the way. She had another granny started. She wanted me to show her how to change colors.

Oh, and this building. It was a carriage house. It's where my shug and I had our wedding reception.

Dammmmnnnn. Busted. Granny Bee at the bottom of the stairs....

And check out 'chick with sticks!'

She drank a ton of caffeine loaded cola

and finished that scarf!

More to come on the WWW. I gotta show you what I bought, what I didn't buy, and what I wished I would have bought!

But first...look what was on our farm yesterday!

Robins!!! Spring is coming soon!!

I can't wait for them to start singing. You know that song that they 4:00 a.m....when you are sound asleep. That one. I love it.

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, I love the robin's song too. I think it's stuck in my brain since childhood. Love the scarf that girl made...dang get me a coke cola quick. You sneaky girl..going all over that mansion. So funny. Enjoying your adventures. :):) smiles, xo, Susie

  2. Cannot wait to see your buys and thanks for the tour! Have not seen any Robins yet but it rained all day instead of snowing so that is a plus.

  3. After busting my foot, I never got to go to the BIG house. :o(

  4. It looks like a totally awesome time you had.

    Looking forward to seeing the dids, didn'ts and should-ahs.

    And, don't talk to me about robins and spring, It's Autumn today, and we are still waiting for summer. (floods over here at the mo')


  5. Aww damn, I was soooo willing you to Complete The Mission!!! Lovely following your adventures, has really made me smile. Going to hop over and say Hi to Queenie now xxxxx

  6. So glad you posted the pics of the Mansion. Angela and I never made it over there and were both sad to not have gotten to see everything that was going on at the event.

    We appreciated all the help after Angela popped her foot and as cooks ya'll rock!


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