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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Priming and Painting and Mudding...Oh My!

We have been busy, busy, busy, and it's getting exciting...finally, some visual stuff!

Dave got all of the duct work and lines (water, gas, etc) finished in the ceiling of "living area" of the basement. So I finished the insulation.
And we put the last few sheets of drywall up.

Now we have nail holes to fill, dry wall taping and mudding to do. It seems it's been a long haul to get to this part.....and I'm ready for a vacay.

So I wore this shirt as a hint. Shows he doesn't pay attention to what I wear!

Anyway, last weekend he had to work. And it was warm out! And I reckon I should do a little explaining here. Above the basement is a house! But the only thing finished upstairs is siding and framing. It is not insulated, there are no walls up, no ceiling up, you can even see a bit of the it is ccccoooooolllldddd upstairs. Which means, other than the "living area" of the basement, it's cold in the basement. Not as cold as upstairs, because there is insulation in the walls, and there are walls up in the basement, but the only area in the basement with a ceiling, and insulation in the ceiling is the living area. But, because it was in the 40's and 50's last weekend, and we have a kerosene heater, we warmed the craft/storage room up a bit and I got to paint walls!

And guess what? I found a cream color of paint (see last post). And guess what it's called? CREAMY! Yup...creamy. Not ocean mist, or dove white, or whatever....just creamy. And I like it (smile!)

So, when I was talking to my sister and my cousin on the phone, I said, "hey you two, I'm having a painting party on Saturday, you wanna come?"

My Sister said, "Oh gee, sorry Cindy, but I think I have plans Saturday."

I said, "well, I can change it to Friday."

Sister, "oh darn, got plans that day too."

Me, "Sunday?"

Sister, "sorry"

But my cousin!!! Well, she heard...."waah waaah waaah waaaaah..PARTY!..waaaah waaaah waah!"

So the next day I got an e-mail from her, "I'm in! What time do the festivities start? What can I bring?"

How about 9:00 a.m., just bring old clothes.

Just look how much fun she is having!

Then, about an hour later, Dad showed up!

He knew it was a painting party, but he said it's too hard on Mom when he sits around the house. She has to think too hard trying to come up with stuff for him to do!

So Dad rolled, Vickie trimmed the bottom, and I trimmed the top. Vickie actually started out rolling, but gave up her standing position for Dad. Nice of her.

Sorry Dad - but we told you to take your coat off!

Apparently he doesn't have hot bodies like we do!!! It's an age thing, and a woman thing, if you get my meaning! Vickie and I were warm. Hot actually. The minute he left (was he even gone yet?) we opened the door and turned of the heater!

We got the primer done Saturday, I painted the room Sunday, Dave put the trim around the doors Monday and Tuesday, and he hung lights and ceiling fans. LOVE IT!


These lights....he got them years ago at a school auction. A whole skid of these lights for $5.00! For the skid! They all needed re-wired. He's an electrician by no big deal.

And this area is gonna be my craft room folks. (we are also using part of it for storage) And ideas are just swirling around in my head as I type.

But right now, I gotta get ready and get out to the house because we are back in the living area, playing with drywall mud. Ugh.



  1. Oh it looks fantastic isn't having family great. This brings back memories for me.
    I remember I kept waiting for you know who to mud my kitchen walls I finally just gave up asking and did it myself yup crazy but it worked I have no idea how I did it but it still looks great and I am so proud of that. Sometimes you just have to learn as you go. I would never do it again.
    I am so excited for you.Nice colour. B

  2. Love the Creamy color! So glad things are moving along for you and thanks for sharing because I keep forgetting, as I have said before, to go to the other blog "House" site. Will be looking forward to your sharing your ideas! Where is your Pinterest button girl? I know you must be one there by now.

  3. Cindy,
    this looks like a nice big happy room for you and your crafting. I have a room too and it gets filled up fast. LOL!

    That was so nice of your cousin and dad to help. and I LOVE the lights.....LOVE!

  4. Wow is all I can say, what a lovely color and I adore those lights!! Good light is sooo important in a craft room. There are so many amazing craft rooms on Pinterest so you might want to check them out, I deleted your address from my e-mail, every time some one "pins" your pinterest post they send you an e-mail and sometimes I get 70 in one day so I did a one page delete BEFORE I put your address in a folder, could you resend it so I can send you your V day surprise, it might not get there till after but you can still use it.

  5. It looks perfect, perfect for crafting, so light and bright!

  6. Cindy, Looks like dad got into the paint:):) so nice that he can help you, and your cousin too. Today was one really cold day.brrr. I know what you mean about the built in heater we women have. Sometimes I think my hair is on fire. Smiles, Susie(She Junks)

  7. Oh my goodness looks great and whar a great family you havw to chip in!
    So excited to see more!

  8. How wonderful to have family!! That is family that so happily help too. Best of luck on your house coming along quickly. It is going to be beautiful!!

  9. Your Granny heart bunting is the cutest--where can I get the pattern?


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