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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Yarn Lesson

See this yarn? I bought it last weekend at the yarn store.

I thought it would be pretty to make a scarf out of it. $15.00 for one skein. It comes from Italy, It's a wool/acrylic blend and it is veeeerry soft.

This is a nice cotton yarn, 100% cotton, so it will shrink if you wash it in hot water and dry it in the dryer. $7.50 a skein. It's what I make my fun crafty stuff with. I like having a bunch of the same type of yarn in different colors to piddle around with. And I have been adding to my collection a little at a time, because dye lot is not important in this situation. I've bought the cheaper cotton yarns but they are harder to knit/crochet with, and they lose their color right after the first washing.

This skein, $20.00. I'm not kidding. It was on sale however for 40% off. It's 100% cotton, also from Italy. It's sooo soft and yummy, I had to have a skein. It feels maaahvelous against my skin.

Now, these yarns cannot be bought at our local fabric or craft store. For me to buy a skein of these types of yarns I have to drive an hour, or order them online. If you are a quilter, you know about material that comes from a local craft store, compared to material that comes from a quilting store. They are a higher quality. Somewhat like when you buy a sweater from one of the "Mart" stores, compared to, ooooh say Marshall Fields or Sax Fifth Avenue. Now, take that information, couple it with the fact that most handmade items take hours to make by an individual, rather than something from a factory. That's the kind of stuff you will see this weekend at the Winter Woolen Workshop. It won't be perfect, it will be handmade, and it probably won't be cheap. You also won't find 45 of the exact same thing lined up in a row on a shelf. Most likely, there will only be one.

I made this from the fun cotton yarn.

Here's the back. Not so neat, but hey, it's obvious it wasn't made at a factory right? I put a pocket on it for a cell phone. It has one of those plastic thingys in it.

So you can take it to the beach or pool and your stuff inside, like a camera or money, won't get wet.

Or you can put a bottle of water in it.

Or some skeins of yarn and a hook

Or one of those religious candle holders I bought at the antique store the other day. (that's just silly though)

Ok now this wasn't a rant, it was really just a lesson for those who are not crafters. This weekend at the Winter Woolen Workshop you will be able to see all kinds of hand made items for sale, all kinds of stuff for sale to make handmades, such as fiber, wool, yarn, material, etc. And most likely, the person that made the item will be standing right there, willing to share their talents with you. The whole purpose of this venue is to bring back lost arts from days gone by. When you come, you will want to try everything, and you won't want to leave! Be prepared.

Now, on another note...
Jodie with an ie - GURL YOU ARE NOT TAKING MY GRANNY STRIPE BLANKEY. HUUU UHHH. And,..ummm....I made it with cheap cotton yarn! BUT get up here, to Kokomo, this weekend and make one. Bring your yarn and crochet hooks and sit with us fun crafty people. We'll all be at the Winter Woolen workshop (information to the right) Do it!

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, The waterbottle/cell phone tote is great. When I go junking or walking...I do not want a big old purse to lug around. You could sell those at craft shows or at Horton's in Tipton.Smiles, Susie
    p.s. my blog's messed up..bummer.

  2. So mnay pretty yarns! Sounds like it's going to be a very fun weekend!

  3. Cindy, those are lovely beautiful the expensive ones for you baby!

    Your tote is adorable! Lots of options.

    Have a wonderful time at the event.

  4. Love the little tote such a fun shape! You are going to be having so much fun and I am going to be up here in this snow they are predicting. I just keep telling myself, March in like a Lion out like a Lamb......Over and over again.

  5. Occasionally when I'm in the mood, I grab my yarn (cotten) and whip up dish cloths. I love them becasue they are so soft! That yarn from Englans looks awesome!...:)JP

  6. Hi Cindy bee, Everything you make looks great! Have a fun time this weekend, Hugs Cheri

  7. Loving the bag, wish I could come to the workshop :)

  8. Cindy, that plastic insert is a brilliant idea - why have I never thought of that!

    Im thinking about makeup purses, those things can get messy, but this solves the prob.


  9. They look sooooo beautiful and fluffy yarns.
    I love those colors and your cute yarn bag !!!

  10. Good morning Cindy!
    Seeing all of this makes me want to join you -- next year FO' SURE! This weekend, I am in Chicago being certified to teach a chair exercise class. Not as much fun as a craft show, but important nonetheless!!

    This morning I read your post about the eagle/pile of dog collars and laughed out loud. Alone in a hotel room, laughing out loud!

    And...sometimes those cheap yarn blankets are the best! You don't feel the need to "keep them nice" so they go everywhere and become part of the family. Sometimes "nice" just isn't as comfy. My point? Your blanket would be perfect for me! Better keep it tucked away somewhere or I might be paying an un-named niece of yours to sneak it out in her backpack!

    Thinking of you and hoping that you have a spectacular weekend,
    Jodie with an ie


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