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Saturday, February 4, 2012

A Hookin' me solve it please!

OK - I need hooky help. I started a granny square afghan.....ahem.....last year.
And I only had one square left to do. I already had it started. Above is the beginning of that square.

So I got my project out and everything was all together in the basket. The yarn, the squares, the hook. 5.5 crochet hook. I remember specifically using this hook because I was told to use 5.5. I finished the square.

Every square is different colors, and they all have a cream, pink, then blue border.

Look how small my last square is? HELP! You can clearly see the cream,pink, blue border on the square behind this one. (I laid the smaller square on top of another one that is the correct size so you can see the difference). And both squares have seven rows. I used the same yarn, the same hook, and I thought the same stitch. The first two to three rows were finished, last year. I added on the last three or four rows. See the dark gray in the square behind this one. That's how big this top square is supposed to be. It looks like I'm short a row, but I'm not. Anyone know what I might have done wrong?

Tell me if I need to add any more pictures....

I have eleven squares finished. One to go. Then to stitch them all together and it'll be done. Finished! My word for this year is Finish. I'm finishing things.

Cindy Bee

PS - I matched up the Valentine entries in the last post.


  1. I don't now what you did wrong, but those colors are so right. Good luck on figuring it out.

  2. My Mom was the one that could really crochet and she did many granny squares. Whenever I tried anything she always reminded me I had to have the same tension on my yard or it would cause different sizes. I have NO idea if this is your issue but thought I'd throw it out there until you get someone that knows more then me.

  3. i think youre going to have to use a bigger hook.

    The difference might have been between US sized hook and English sized hook.


  4. Try using a bigger hook. Your stitches in the last square look smaller. I don't believe it is your tension because tension really does not ever change. You just become comfortable right away holding the hook and pulling the yarn the same all the time. At least that's what I have noticed over the years of my crocheting.

  5. Cindy, I think your tension is a bit tighter (it's all that stress!). You can either re-do it with the 5.5mm hook and concentrate on not crocheting so tightly or move up to a 6mm hook which will be a bit looser. It goes without saying that you are using the same yarn as before, right?

  6. Cindy, I love the colors you have chosen. I used to love to make squares....i made a bunch. Then I gave them to my daughter to put together. I did make vest for my girls and husband once when i first started to crochet. When I first read (tribble) I thought oh trouble. But I did figure it out. Please show us when you are finished:):)Smiles, Susie(She Junks) ps. the graphic shop is north of bob-a-lou's, on east st.

  7. Did you do triples last year and doubles this year? I looked again and it did not look like it...Hope you get it figured out.

  8. I have consulted with Nancy Drew....
    Tighter solved.

  9. Hi Cindy bee not a clue. But the squares are darling,Hugs Cheri


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