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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Yarn and Antique shopping

Okay everyone...are you ready to go shopping. Ok, not really shopping, like, for real, but pretend shopping. I took TONS of pictures. And I got in trouble, because I made my friend almost run out of gas because I took so many pictures! I'll explain that logic later, first I gotta tell you what happened.

So, she picks me up Friday at 10:00 a.m. and she already had coffee. AUGH! She has a Keurig, I do not, so I asked her to stop at Dunkin Donuts, on the way out of town, so I can get a cuppa. We weren't three minutes down the street when she starts kind of ranting about the Mars candy company. It appears they are doing away with their King Size candy bars.

So, we pull into Dunkin' Donuts when I try to tell her something important, but I can't get a word in because of this Mars candy issue.

Finally.... she takes a breath and I say, "um you cannot order here, that isn't a speaker, it's a trash can."


"yeah, it's a trash can." She looks out her window, at the trash can...

and sheepishly smiles,

and I say "I am so going to blog about this."

We are almost to the Broadripple area when we decide to eat some lunch. I had to call my Sister for ideas on where to eat. I knew she'd pull through for us, and she did. Basbeaux pizza. Yum.
next stop, Yarn, I did not take any pictures in the yarn store, but let me say Love it. It has a very relaxed atmosphere. I felt comfortable in it. Kind of like I belonged. You know what I mean? It's the way I like to feel when I shop in a store.

After that...

right on College

right on New York

left into the antique store.


So I started snapping all kinds of pictures...e-mailing some of them to my Shug. And she asks me, "Why are you taking so many pictures?"

Because, My blogger friends love this kind of stuff. I have to show them. So here ya go.

And I'm not deleting any more spaces, because I keep deleting pictures and I'm not downloading them again. So, just bare with the blank spaces and keep scrolling down.

You know what? I LOVE RED. And I love this couch. And here's the thing. I have always not liked Red. I remember even telling a friend of mine that the color red, and petunias, remind me of old people! Guess what? I must be old because I love both. I'd have this couch in my new house. I would.

This sink is aqua. The color doesn't show up in the pictures. Speaking any of you know where I can get one of those old long white sinks with the dish drainers in them. Do you know what I'm talking about? They are probably from the 1940's...something like that.

Vintage aprons

hat boxes

About 100 chandeliers

barcloth (might have spelled this wrong but that's how it's pronounced)

We named this the Catholic corner.

Catholic candles and candle holders.

Now, I'd love to show you more, but you get the idea...and this post is way too long. But I need to tell you this story. On the way there, the gas tank light came on. But, "don't worry, I still have a lot of gas when that light comes on." You know the one, that says you are running low on gas? That one. And on the way home we almost ran out of gas because I took too long in the antique store taking pictures, which put us in rush hour traffic. We had to keep stopping at red lights and for slow pokes, and we almost ran out of gas! Phew...we didn't, but it was close. Very close.

So this is what I bought.

Lots of cotton yarn. I wanted a bunch of different colors, but they didn't really have a lot of colors in the kind of cotton yarn I like.

So I settled for what they did have. I want to make a lot of fun stuff with this yarn like bags and flowers and such.
I also bought this yarn to make myself a scarf.

I also bought another yarn, but I just deleted the picture! DAMMIT! Blogger, or my computer, or too many pictures on one post is giving me fits.

This yarn was in the clearance bin, $4.00 a ball!

I also bought this material. It was called "rags" on the tag! "Bunch of rags $2.00:" They see rags, I see pillows.

it's very soft (and dusty.)

Oh yes, I bought these for my Easter decorations. They aren't old, they just look old. But they are cute!

Had to get some pink Catholic candle holders. I might use them as candle holders or vases.

I also bought a box of 51% beeswax religious candles that give off a special glow when lit. I plan on decorating them. I've seen it done and they look really cool.

But first I need to clean off the table.

So much to do.

So little time...

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy bee I have come to conclusion that a person can collect anything. Lol I loved the wooden big bucket.You sound like you had an adventure with a friend. Have a Sunny Bee Sunday, Cheri

  2. hey cindy,
    oh my! i have to get down to the antique mall to see that pink cabinet and snatch it up... ur pictures are amazing and it looks like i need to tag along with you the next time you go junking.

  3. Ohhhh, WOW. Oh, I could go broke in there! Those Christmas ornaments!!! Oooooohh!

  4. Did you friend know it was a trash can at first? :):) You girls look as if you had a blast. You certainly saw plenty of things. I bet you had some good laughs too. That makes girlfriend trips so much fun. Smiles, Susie

  5. Susie .
    I was fully prepared to order a lg. coffee with cream from the waste basket

  6. Bee ...I did really had fun .. I love bantering with you . I like that you tolerate me.
    That was funny ...the trash can...teehee

  7. Cindy Bee,
    I'm glad Mick was your best concert. I keeping teasing Matt that they are my new favorite band. I guess I missed the Rolling Stones boat when I was younger.

    Anyway, Lots of fun, old, vintage stuff in your post. Love it.

    I love the yarn you picked too. Now keep it away from the dogs ;) Can't wait to see what you make! I need you to make those little containers I emailed you...haha

    Glad you didn't run out of gas. That would have been a drag!

  8. You came home with a pile of pretty yarn! Where was the Antique Mall at. Went to one that looked similar to that with my sis once in Indy. Well actually I have been to a couple around Indiana that look similar to that since junkin is what we do when we get together. Glad you had a great day of it.

  9. Looks like u guys had great fun!!! My pops took me to that antique store I think a few years back and I loved it!!! It is huge I didn't get to go through all of it but have wanted to go back. R.j.? Really trash and glad u didn't run out.

  10. Oooooh, what a wonderful place you visited, I love shops like that, all those treasures, love your blog
    have a great day

  11. Cindy & R.J.,
    You two are very special people...and when you're together, PRICELESS!! Looking forward to seeing you two this weekend! Tootles...

  12. Oh....and i forgot that rag/(slash) soft cotton swatch of dust all over my bug....geeesh

  13. A trash can!!!!! lol, too funny.

    Oh My Gosh, Cindy, I nearly wore my finger out scrolling to the bottom of that post..... ; )

    Thankyou soo much for taking me shopping with you - you should see MY list of things I virtually bought.


    PS that $4 yarn - bargain.

  14. Looks SUPER FUN shopping, NICE !!!

  15. Cheri - That green bucket....big SOLD sign on it.

    Tabitha - You can only go with us if you don't like the same thing we like! Sorry girl, that's the rules. And that pink dresser....ahem....just sayin'

    Susie - THe trash can incident, as RJ said, was fo' real!

    Jul - I don't remember seeing an e-mail with containers. hmmmmm I think I'm missing e-mails because someone else, Deb, said she e-mailed me information about my dogs, and I never saw that one either.

    Rene - I like your blog! I'm gonna go visit it again.

    RJ - sorry 'bout the dust. I washed them, first thing.

    Cindy Bee


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