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Friday, February 24, 2012

Eagles are in town - not the band

I had breakfast with a friend today who showed me these pictures on her phone. She was complaining because this "American Eagle" was in her neighborhood......"WHAT?" "A bald eagle in town?" I say....."yes and I don't want it to eat my dog." "A bald eagle?" ......"in town?"......
"Here", she says, "I'll show you a picture."

OH MY GAWSH! A bald eagle in town!!! She lives about seven minutes driving time from my house, that'd be 50 seconds eagle time.

I tried explaining to her about the circle of life in nature, and why that eagle might be there, in her neighborhood.

You see, I'm a nature girl at heart. I mean, something like this makes my heart pound harder than beautiful-hand-made-high dollar on clearance sale, yarn. So I explained, you have four things birds need to survive and thrive...

1) shelter

2) water

3) food

4) a place to raise young.

Her eyes glazed over and she said, I just don't want it to get my dog. Apparently they also found a little pile of dog collars. So, watch your dogs. Eagles are coming to town.

Cindy Bee


  1. Cindy, I am with you on the nature thing. I would love to see an eagle myself. Maybe she could go out with her doggie, when it's out, to keep it safe. I hope it all works out for eagle and dog.Smiles, Susie
    p.s. thanks for commenting yesterday:):)

  2. My Assistant has informed me of an eagle release, tracking and breeding type program taking place in Peru / Tippecanoe/ river...etc etc.
    He seemed very up to date on this ...He said they have at least 30 eagles in that area now that are in their study

  3. Lots of eagles around our neck of the woods. And do have to watch your small dogs. When I see one over head, I quick run out and see where the ducks and chickens are.

  4. I had a hedgehog in my garden last year, and was thrilled, but unfortunately he was eating a baby bird at the time. I was sad for the bird, but I'm of the same opinion, it's nature and he must have been a hungry hedgey! I'd love to see a bald-eagle, very exciting!x

  5. I don;t know much about eagles, Cindy, certainly not the bald head type.
    In Australia they have wedge-tails, my husband (who is from 'out bush') tells me that the farmers used to shoot them, thinking that they were killing their lambs. then they would often string the dead eagles across the gate, which made him really sad to see.


  6. Amazing, lucky and wonderful are my words.

    Also.....if we - humans - stopped building on every square inch of land...the eagles would dine on nature such as fish, birds, moles etc. NOT dogs. Same thing about crocodiles in Florida....

    Just saying....;)

  7. PS...good job on not eating the chips. I like your list and God please give you strength....haha

  8. They eat dogs? Learn something new everyday. Wow. This farmgirl should have known that :) B

  9. Cindy, I believe they eat FISH not least that's what the ones here at the dam are after!...:)JP


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