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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Attic 1200 and teaching granny squares

These are the mansions where the Winter Woolen Workshop takes place. Two mansions in Kokomo that are now used by the Howard County Historical Society. (I know I tell you this all the time....but I'm telling you again....My Shug and I got married in the one above)

Crochet Council was in this mansion, in an alcove, of which I showed you yesterday. Crochet council consists of the Bee Lady (me) and Reality Jayne.

So, yesterday morning I happened to be looking at Attic 24's blog, before I left for the WWW and I thought.....I'm gonna take an alcove picture....I told my outlaw friend RJ, and we conspired to sneak up a level (ssshhhhh don't tell. That level was pretty much off limits) Quickly and quietly we go up the stairs....... There was only one room (closet?) open up there. All of the other rooms had locked doors. What's behind those locked doors we wondered....

But we had a mission....a picture....from the attic...I'm going to call it Attic 1200!

I couldn't stop it was so fun taking pictures from the attic window! Of course RJ was behind me..."take it up close...put your camera on the window....Beee.....your picture taking skills....jeeeesh." I told her to shuuush!

OMG! Somone's coming....quick! HIDE! We hid behind the wall waiting for them to leave. phew...close call.....

Another view - close up - hmmmm, wonder what's on the other side of that window.

Today - we will sneak over to that mansion, sneak up to the attic level, and take more pics from that side of the fence (so to speak)

Later that day.....I took my granny square stuff over to the other building. Drug it all from the second floor of one building to the third floor of another - how many flights of stairs would that be...yup five. A cart of yarn and two big bags of stuff. I forgot a couple of things in the other building but guess what....I was not going back.

I was getting ready to teach a granny square class. I set up and had a few minutes so I took a stroll through the room. I will take more pics today because you have to see this room. I believe it was probably a ballroom back in the day. Dangit...I want a ballroom in my new house.

These ladies were making an Easter Bunny Basket. That's Jeannie with the tape measure over her mouth! Kinda funny, considering what I told her earlier that day. I said, "Jeannie...guurrrrl....I have no idea what you are talking about because you just drink caffeine all day long and talk and talk and talk. I have learned to tune you out just like I used to do the boys I watched!!! I just hear a bunch of background noise yammerin on....!" We have so much fun hanging out all weekend together.

Look at these adorable baskets. See the bunny ears?

Cute huh?

And Barb is teaching a quilting, embroidery class..something like that. Knowing her, there are beads involved! Maybe it was a crazy quilt class.

All I know is.... I knew I was in trouble the first five minutes of my class. I was teaching five people how to make granny squares. Yup....I was in Trouble! Quadruple trouble!

Let me start out by saying the only one that had crocheted before was 11 years old...

She was my star student and I loved the way her nail polish matched the yarn she chose!

By the time it was over .....three hours later....I was nervous and sweating in the arm pits! It was not this hard when I taught my left-handed cousin a few weeks ago! I bet I walked around that table 30 times. I now have granny square rules for teaching a class. The first one must have a basic knowledge of crochet! But by the time I kicked them out...I mean...they left....they all had a granny square.

I fully expect them to hunt me down today to help them again. I'll be hiding in the attic. Shhhhh...don't tell.

Cindy Bee


  1. so cool! I am once again so jealous! I was hoping I could pop over...but Hubby's truck is still being repaired & we are down to just my car. Also some stuff going on over here in my neck of the woods...
    (& I STILL HAVEN'T FINISHED RJ's VALENTINE SWAP! I am so bad! But she is gonna love it... I just have a snag because of my printer...)
    Love you all...have a beautiful WWW Day!

  2. Teaching can be nerve-wracking!! Glad they all went away with a granny square at the end!!

  3. I miss hanging out with you!! We had so much fun!!! You are always the life of the party... and I remember the wedding in that mansion. Very special!!

  4. I'm glad you told us again because I missed it. That's a beautiful place to get married.

    You guys are funny, routing around in old buildings. Crazies I say! haha

    Looks like a great time and I'm sure you taught your class well.


  5. Oh mY what a fabulous, fun read, I honestly was at the edge of my seat all the way through the Attic 1200 tale!!!
    Thank you SO MUCH for sending me such terrific Attic vibes, wow those buildings, sooo beautiful.
    Ahh yes, teaching granny squares, I taught a workshop a few yrs ago and had 6 ladies, I can identify to the sweaty feeling of nervousness!
    Delightful visiting with you, sending a big hug

  6. looks like a fabulous day of crafting for sure....

  7. Cindy bee, What a fun day you had! I love those building they were so beautiful. I wish I could make granny squares. I have been working on knitting a scarf wish me luck.Hugs Cheri

  8. Well all I can say is good for you Cindy Bee! I do not like to teach anything at all. I am not a good teacher. Not enough patience I just want to rip things out of the other persons hand to get it done. You sure are a rebel going through attics where you don't belong. Waiting for some more pictures. Or maybe your in jail for trespassing?

  9. Ohhhh, I want to go in the attic tooo! Take lot's of pictures in all the creepy old attics and just think of all the stuff that's gone on before you!
    I'd leave something in the attic too for someone else to find years from now, you know like a couple granny squares with CB and RJ pinned to them!

  10. I am drooling over those mansions you were in. I so wanted to take that basket class but from Utah it would have been too pricey for me. THANK YOU for the photos--I almost felt like I was there.

  11. Marilyn,
    What a great idea to leave something in the attic. Next year, I'm doing just that! In the house we are building I have been leaving little notes all over the walls. And in the house we live in now, when we built on a room, I made a time capsule and put it in the walls. So why I didn't think of that, I'll never know. Thanks,

    Cindy Bee


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