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Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Work In Progress

OK - so today I linked up with The Clip Cafe to show my WIP only I couldn't figure out how to transfer her button to my website. So, just go to the Clip Cafe - she's in my side bar - and show your work in progress. It's kind of fun. Especially if YOU don't get all frustrated trying to figure out how to do me. {sigh}

It's gonna be a long day. I got up too early.

See that!!! up there in the corner!!! I DID IT I DID IT!!!! I didn't give up. I'm doing the happy dance. I think I'll go start a new project so I can post another one next Tuesday!!! woohooo I did it! I bet the Queen's Scribe is so proud of me!!!! I did it.

later again...
I give up. I clicked on the button and it takes me to her button image. Just go to my side bar and click on it. I seriously give up this time. I'm going yarn shopping (in my basement) to get in a better mood. I've decided from now on, no more new yarn. I'm just allowing myself to shop in my basement! It's a very messy faux' yarn store!

later again.....
When I do that (Clip Cafe comment) this
is what happens.....

I don't get the picture, I get the whole link address.

Cindy Bee


  1. lol! Go to edit post and click on this post. Then click on the image then click link (it's in the above bit where you do the font size etc) and then just add the url to my blog post) Hop ethat helps :-) Thanks for joining in !

  2. You poor woman... I to can only shop in my yarn stash (per my husband) so I told him that when I get done with two balls I will be buying at least one more... he went with it...

  3. I think we would love to see your 'yarn store'...hahaha

    Good example of recycling...

    I have to do that with ALL my scrapbooking supplies...It's embarrassing.

  4. Alannah,

    Do not feel sorry for me. My basement shopping trip is self-imposed. I have material, yarn, fleece for spinning, old sweaters to felt, old coats for wool, and whatever other craft you can imagine in my basement. And there is no organization to it. It's sad really. So my other goal this year is to shop in my basement.

    Hey Queen - Sticks and stones, my dear, Sticks and Stones...

    Cindy Bee

  5. Jul - my basement is embarassing. I don't allow anyone down there. The yarn isn't recycled, it's just NO willpower when I'm in a yarn store. And thank you very much, you just reminded me of my dresser full of scrapbooking supplies upstairs in the spare bedroom. At least its in a dresser.

    Cindy Bee

  6. Cindy, dear, forget about the yarn shopping and just clean up the basement............

    (I now have my fingers in my ears, so I cant hear you shouting at me)


  7. I think my resolution will be to shop in your basement this year, too. I promise to close my eyes (not really) because I, too, have a yarn problem.

    We really need to get you up to par with this link sitch-ee-ation. I will make that another resolution of mine...


    TH - I thought you were just doing the 'word' thing this year and you weren't making resolutions. But since you are....I could use help with the line stitch-ee-ation. As for you shopping in my basement...I'll just drag it all upstairs! It's really bad.

    Cindy Bee


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