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Friday, January 7, 2011

Comments and such...

Well first of all I want to apologize for not answering some of my comments in a timely fashion, from my last couple of posts. I will. And in my defense, I have been keeping up my resolutions, which I will explain. And I had to spend time preparing for my visit with the Queen. Yes I had a visit with the Queen today. Pammy Sue was invited, but apparently couldn't make it.

This is how I prepare.....

Look at me...all cosy with an Agatha Christie movie

on Roofus (my laptop)

with one of my works in progress, and of course,

Tea. One must have tea in prep for a visit with the Queen, right?
We met at high noon, but first, my week.

While I was watching my movie, and enjoying my tea, I took my blankey out of this bag and what the heck is underneath it........(love this bag BTW)

another W.I.P! It appears that I was either making a Christmas table runner, place mats, or a loose scarf. At least now I know what happened to that other big needle. I'm ripping them both out. That's one way to take care of unfinished projects!

Other than this...I've had opportunities to commit to my New Year's resolutions. You see, on Monday, my Sister needed a babysitter, so my niece spent Sunday night and Monday at our house. We both hung out in our snuggly pj's. We made a bracelet, went out for lunch, and watched Toy Story III....see, I was busy. Resolution number 1 - spend time with fam. How cute is this? We named him Winston by the way. Winston the Welsh.

Then Tuesday I met with some friends for breakfast. One of them asked me to take a class with her that only lasts for 8 weeks, three hours a week. I can't I replied, I made a resolution not to fill up my spare time. My spare time that I am just this week, freeing up. She understood.

Wednesday I had a ton of paperwork and such to go through - because on Thursday I turned over the Community Garden job. But I don't feel the relief I thought I would feel. Maybe this summer. That's when it all gets to me.
Three boxes of this stuff out of the house.

Plus I'm still watching the boys everyday from 3:00 on.

So, I have been neglectful in responding to comments. And I want to ask all of you..which I think I have asked do you respond to comments? I mean, sometimes I ask something, then I forget to go back and check the comment section where I asked the question. I've been tempted to post answers in my actual blog posts, like this....

To the Queen's response on me needing therapy for having so many unfinished projects....
"Well if I had assistants as a queen does, then maybe I'd have more time to crochet!" Hmmm, I do think she mentioned on her blog that she is turning into a lazy a@@! She said it, not me! I mean "donkey" A lazy donkey. I never made that connection before either!
To Fi who just posted her crocheted unfinished projects. Come fair is that? Post ALL unfinished...not just crocheted. I do love her projects! However, her and the Queen do have their nerve!

Speaking of about TH (places where grace is) holding me responsible for not telling her the Granny Bee now has a blog. To her I say "responsible schmonsible!" All ya had to do was look at my side bar!

Oh, BTW- The Granny Bee has a blog. It's on my side bar. And please do not confuse her with the Bee Lady. I'm a beekeeper, which is why I'm the bee lady. I don't know how she came up with Granny Bee for the name of her (our)stitchery group. Maybe someone should ask her to share that information. But I do thank my G-bees (not to be confused with the B-Gees) for coming to my rescue on the unfinished project post!

Peace and Love and Happy Friday
Cindy Bee

PS - Didn't mean to confuse anyone. I was MENTALLY preparing myself for the visit with the Queen. We met at a local restaurant/coffee shop. And the paparazzi was everywhere. The place was packed.

Another PS - Fi? Was that comment a challenge? About who will get their ripply striped afghan done first? hmmmmm.....Mine could actually be done now if I wanted it to. There is no pattern per se' or is that per say....anyway, I just found out how to do the stripes and am doing my own thing.


  1. Gee Cindy,
    Im feeling a bit giddy now, what with all those b's and g's all over the place!
    Im still trying to figure out who is what..

    First of all, LOVE the planning you did for the Queen's visit - the Agatha Christie movie on the laptop was a nice touch.

    Just my cup of tea, which brings me to the next point - good work on the cup of tea - in a proper china cup of course. You'd be welcome at my house.

    Now, back to the subject at hand.
    AHHHHHH-hemmmmmmmm (even bigger throat clearing, which means Im about to sound very pompous)
    When I sat down to think about it - the crochet projects seem to be the ONLY UFO's at the mo'...

    It just felt like I had more, cos I have 20 million and one ideas that Im itching to start.
    Which made it feel like I had a lot of stuff.

    So,, if you give me a week or two, I might have more than you....

    Also, I havent done the great unveiling of my 50th birthday/Christmas present yet...

    It is a tool (large)that is sure to cos way too many UFO's, so theres hope for you yet.

    I also bought some new craft books with some gift vouchers I received - more ideas.


    PS> Im with you on the comment confusion thing.

  2. Cindy, I love the Visit with the Queen... cup of tea dn Agatha Christie what more could she want.. UFO's I have 2 one a hat on the loom which I am sadly not working on today ( it actually should be done) but woke up this am with a tingly right arm which hasn't gone away....yikes pinched a nerve ,, hate that numb tingly feeling all up and down the arm especially since its the good arm
    anyhow and the Abby Afghan... I can only crochet a couple rows a day if that. have loads of projects going round in my head but many have asked for different hats in their face colors or two so doing those first.
    commenting on our blog comments I try to either answer per comment back or on the persons blog that left it or email ...but it doesn't always work out that way.
    Hear you all are going to get a Father Winter visit again... Well hope you all stay save and warm......PLans on my secret project you know what I mean is moving along.... still hoping feb or march....lets see....Hugs from SOuth Texas....Birgit

  3. I hope your visit was fun! I like your dual, triple tasking...very impressive.

    I LOVE Winston- perfect name!

    And paperwork...ugh...the worse.
    I think you're doing great on the new year!

  4. I respond to comments all different ways. Sometimes in my comments, sometimes on their blog comments, sometimes by email, and sometimes on my blog post. sometimes I'm sure I don't respond at all, but that's no intentional. I mean to, but I forget. I don't have a clue as to how I determine which way I respond. And I also don't know if there is a correct way (blog etiquette) to respond.

    I think a Granny Bee is like a Quilting Bee or a Spelling Bee...not the kind of Bee that you deal with that is an insect. Get it? Good. Bye.

  5. Cindy~ I am falling in love with the way you write. Tough day, and you gave me giggles! Thanks dear!
    Also about comments... Im much like Pam & respond differently or not at all. I also tend to pray for my bloggy buddies. I don't expect the blogger to comment on my comment, unless I am asking a question.
    BTW~ Bandit doesn't wear a's a "Male Wrap". You know how men don't like when someone calls their "man bag" or"work bag" a "purse". Bandit is sensitive about us calling it a I think it's gonna work out okay. Still in the trying stages :)

  6. Cindy, I would have loved to be included in your visit with the queen. But I guess I would have to ask who is the queen? I must have missed one of your posts along the way. I do not know the correct way to reply to comments at all. I sometimes read it on my blog and decide I want to be more personal and comment via e-mail. I never remember to check back at others blogs to see if they have answered my questions or have any thing to say in return so I might miss a lot that way. Hubs bought me one of those dvd players for Christmas you use in your car. It also has a plug so you can use it in your house. Works for me because he does not like me to carry his work laptop around with me and my projects but it would be nice to watch a movie and blog at the same time. Maybe I will get a laptop next year.

  7. Cindy Bee...I wrote a little news story on our meeting....Had fun


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