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Saturday, January 1, 2011

My unfinished projects...

My second resolution is to finish all of these unfinished projects I've started. And I actually started on this resolution a couple of weeks ago, before Christmas. I was trying to clean up a "computer/craft" room that has been renamed "clutter room" by one of the boys I watch! I realized it won't get cleaned up until I get some of these projects finished that are all over the place in baskets and bags. So, I have actually started on this resolution, and I'm giving myself the entire year to finish it, but I need to stay focused.
I wove this rug on a loom which is in our pioneer village at our county fair. It's part of a project we do every year with the spinning group I'm in. The thing is, I've had the rug since September, but I never tied off the ends, so I couldn't put it on the floor.
The ends are now tied off. It's on the floor. DONE!
This blanket is huge. It lays all the way across our queen sized bed and down the sides. My MIL asked me to get her "something to work on" for the winter months at this church garage sale that I go to every year. She used to go, but she is now 88 and doesn't get out like she used to. So, I got her a bag of squares to make a blanket. She put the squares together. Then I got the material to go in between the squares and she put the whole blanket together, except for the edges. She can't do the edges because it requires laying the blanket out on the floor and she can't get on the floor. Well, she can, but then she can't get up. So, I started whip stitching those edges, only I was having a hard time getting the needle through the material, so after a year of it laying around on a rocking chair with pins in it, I took it to my sewing machine and finished it. It's not the best looking, but no one is going to see it, and at least now it's on our bed. DONE! BTW- that was LAST WINTER that I got those squares for her! I finished this blanket right before Christmas.

Now this...oh jeez....almost done, but not really into the earthy colors anymore. It is a log cabin knitted blanket from a class I took about three years ago at Stitches N Scones in Westfield. The pattern came from a book called Mason-Dixon Knitting and I love it. This blanket is going to have to get finished next, as it's just too close to being done. But what am I going to do with it? I guess I can find something to 'throw' it on and use it as a lap blankey. In the mean time I'd love to start another one in different colors! Should I?
And this....I started several years ago. It's a blanket out of wool yarn on small needles and yes those are cables. Different kinds of cables. This is no where near finished. I can only do about 2-3 rows of this at a time as I have to really concentrate on it. Most of my projects are something for me to do while I sit down in the evening to watch a little T.V. No tv watching while working on this baby.

I know, you can't even tell what this is. It's an appliqued bunny with a bucket of flowers done on wool. It could be a wall hanging or a pillow. I was working on it last winter and put it away when I didn't finish it by Easter. I never got it back out. I just unrolled it and left it with all of the pattern pieces and pins and such on it to take the pic. I was afraid I'd lose something if I tried to move it all. This is a Granny Bee project. It's the only one I even started. {sorry Beth}
My crocheted Sand and Sea blanket, which I don't even feel bad about because I started it a few months ago and I do still work on it.'s a "beachy" triangle wrap that I started this summer at a Granny Bee garden weekend. I needed something to do, besides make this "bluppy" rug that I was working on, so I undid a scarf that I didn't like, and started making this out of the yarn. Didn't get very far, but it's a quick and easy project. I think I'll get it done right after I finish that log cabin blanket.
Then I'll have something to wear to the beach. What beach? Good question.

And this folks, is locker hooking. It's not hard. Very mundane actually, unless you are following a pattern. It's something I started doing to use up material that I have. It was going to be a gift, but I didn't get it done in time. I have spent hours on it, and I have a long way to go. And here's the thing...I don't really care for it. It's kind of like TH (Places Where Grace Is) said in one of her posts, what do you do when you have a lot of time in something, but you don't really care for it anymore? Do you finish it because you do have so much time in it, and hope you will like it again, or do you call it quits? I THINK I could find a place to put this in our new house...maybe. What should I do? The colors are black, dark green, reddish mauve.

So there you have it. And it's a partial list. I have other smaller things that need done, but this gives you an idea of why I am making a new years resolution to FINISH WHAT I START.



  1. Love that log cabin blanket and the sands and sea..I have one unfinished project thats the blanket for Abby.started it just before Christmas and its the only thing I have going right now.. Bad aint I? I am thinking about some possible projects... not sure exactly where I am going to start though. First Christmas deco needs to go away then I can concentrate on projects again...
    By the way was going to comment the other day and blogger would not let me....kept giving me an error message...
    Hugs from South Texas...Birgit

  2. Hi Cindy,
    At first I started to feel bad when reading this post, as I felt guilty about all my UFO's....but.... I now feel a bit better because you have more than me!

    Personally, I think if you don't really like something anymore that you started, life is too short to force yourself to look at it. so the hooking thingy in the dark colours would be shoved to the bottom of a dark cupboard if it were me.
    I started a ripply blanket at Christmas too. Wonder who's will get finished first - ;)

    Thanks for the inspiration to actually look at what Ive actually started.


  3. What the....?
    This is an extreme case of "UFOs" We must get to the bottom of this. Is this a way of not claiming them....Your inner self is wanting to stay half done/ half not-so--done

  4. Cindy, you and I are sisters. I have LOTS of unfinished projects, different craft but unfinished none the less. AND I just started crochet (like 10 days ago). I have 10 rows done...hahaha heeee..

    I love that you and your MIL team on projects. That sounds like a wonderful relationship. And that's what 'its' all about.

    So good for you to make a list. It helps, but I think you should do what you love!

  5. omg!!! i think if you are a crafter and especially a granny bee you have this problem with ufp's!!! my list is wwwaaayyy long
    marilyn + congrats on getting so stuff done.

  6. What beautiful things you have made and are making. I love the rug--isn’t it the best feeling to finsih it and put it on the floor so fresh and pretty? I bet it is. I feel that way when I finish something. I also love the bunny wall hanging/pillow. I think it would be a great pillow :) I look forward to seeing you finish these and other things you will work on this year-they are all great!

  7. Oh man I have a lot of those unfinished projects and just started new projects. Bad me.

  8. I have lots of unfinished hobbies... I get hooked on one, then bored... so far the yarn thing seems to be sticking. Scrapbooking... yuk. I had to let that one... and rubber stamping go.

    Glad to be back... :)

  9. I love your log cabin blanket - and its colours...

    I have only about six inches left to do on my ripple and she's finished. Having a bit of a lull though, because its mid-summer over here - not conducive to heavy blanket on knees projects!!

  10. And now Ripple is done!! I posted on her today...


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