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Monday, January 24, 2011

More snow.....


More bored dogs...

More peppermint mocha latte's...

Even more bored dogs....

More time to wind yarn after dogs tear it up...

More wet kids and dogs ...

and more snow being tracked through the house....

more craft time...

More hot chocolate...

More soups...

More hungry birds/animals in town...

More snow angels...

And more shoveling...

But hey - it's 28 degrees outside today! A heat wave!!!
Cindy Bee - who is really, really, really, tired of more snow.


  1. No comment.
    Because if I did comment, it would be to tell you just how wonderful that snow looks--how jealous I am--how much fun it all seems....
    And that would just make you mad, right?? I don't want to do that, so I'll just be quiet and keep my thoughts to myself. :)
    Cindy, what is that peppermint mocha latte? It looks divine! How do you make it?
    And---is that a hawk right there outside your window?!

  2. That is a big ass HAWK! Don't let the pups out! Heck, watch the kids too.
    Snow Angels! I miss my kids being little enough to do this. They use to love the snow so much. That was before moving to Muncie & having to walk to classes! I would try to do a snow angel, but I am afraid once down I wouldnt be able to get up. Hubby would find my frozen butt in the yard when he gets home..
    Come over to my blog and read my post...maybe something to do with all those crafts you are making♥
    Love to you Cindy! I gotta go make Hot Chocolate now (although it wont look as good as yours!)

  3. Is that a red tailed hawk?? And I love the look on your brown n black baby coming in the door. Like 'Ma!! Not yet, I'm not ready for pictures!'

  4. Rebekah - Well as Janis said - That is one big ass hawk!!! Lol...yes it is a hawk right outside our window. And she's right - it was HUGE and I kept our little Dixie Doodle inside as much as possible that day because I've seen a hawk carry off a squirrel before. They're hungry and it's kind of sad because we feed the birds, and I think the hawk knows it. I've seen several in town lately. The peppermint mocha latte' - yum. I get it at the local coffee shop here in town. Big Ben. And they also make white chocolate mint latte's. Yum again. My cousin made some white chocolate mint bark and gave it to me for Christmas and when I make a latte' at home, I drop one of those bark pieces in it and it's the same effect. Uummmm, not such a good job on keeping quiet :) We've had the snow for three months now. Non-stop. My bees are probably dead :-(

    Janis - I'm with you - my husband would find my frozen butt in the snow! My hot chocolate is made with the Ghirardelli Sweet Ground Chocolate and Cocoa and I can't even find it in Kokomo. I have to go to the World Marketplace in Indy to get it. I warm it with milk in a pan on the stove, the old fashioned way. Now I'm off to check out your blog. I think I've listed it in my sidebar so when it's updated I know to check it. I'll see...


  5. Hi Hookin It. Yes it's a hawk! Not sure if it's red-tailed but probably. My dogs are always giving me funny looks.

    Janis - Apparently I have not listed you in my sidebar...I will...and Hookin it and Clara and Fiona....I'm behind. I'll do it later though....I gotta eat some lunch now.


  6. Your dogs are pretty cute Bee. I think you are right... keep them away from that big honkin bird...

  7. Hi Cindy! The hawk looks like something we would find flying around our woods. Never, ever saw anything like it in the city. Did have a wild turkey fry into our yard once when we still lived in the city. I did not know what it was and kept walking towards it and flew over the fence. Did not know it could fly as far as it did. But I have learned that it is not uncommon since moving here. Hubs has spotted them up in trees when hunting. I am tired of the snow also. Since it started it has not stopped and so cold. Your heat streak has came before ours. mmmm. on the coffee I have to drive at least a half hour to get something like it. Have a good day!

  8. white chocolate mint latte's- sounds divine. Im with you Cindy, I heat mine the old fashioned way on the stove in a pot.

    Ok, Ill swap you our rain for your snow, lol, you know what it reminds me of?
    When I used to teach painting workshops, people were rarely happy with their own results, they always thought that someone elses was better,
    I'd (jokingly) say, Ok everyone, stand up, move one chair to the right, and thats the one you can take home with you today.... :)

    Now, Cindy, I know we did have sun on the garden party day, but I can assure you, that has been a rarity this summer. I think God just decided to smile on us that day.

    That snow angel looks so cute. Its great that you are a shutterbug mother, who has collected all those lovely memories of you kids.

    I was telling my sisters at the weekend, when they were going on about my blogging - that they would all appreciate it one day, when they are glad of the memories....

    Loved your post Cindy,


  9. cindy b....i used 10 rounds on the grannys....on the blanket, on my blog...I wasnt happy with it. I am going to do 7rounds on the next .

  10. Is that an auto winder? How cool! I love your drinks they look YUM! How cute are the dogs faces!!

  11. Cindy,
    Doggies love the snow...mud - not so much. I agree, but Violet is tired after playing in the that helps!

    THat hawk was huge. I saw a big hawk come out from under a bush with a bird about a month again. I never put together that we feed the birds that a hawk would catch on. But that's nature huh?

    Snow...well it's gonna keep up for's good snuggling and crocheting weather..right?

  12. Hi TH - my dogs are cute, but oh my they are a handful. I was giving the Welsh to my sister last weekend, but my shug didn't want to let him go. They are sleeping on the couch right now - and are adorable. I love them when they sleep!

    Brenda - A half an hour for a latte'? Oh My! You must live in the boonies.

    Fi - Check out this post - it's from last summer when it rained almost daily for over a month!

    So nah, keep the rain, we'll keep the snow. I'm glad GOd smiled on you for your garden party. I hope he smiles a bit more. And gives us all a little sunshine.

    BTW-I'm not a Mother! It's funny, people think I am, but I'm not. I have, however, watched those boys since they were babies. So they kind of grew up here. And I do take a lot of pics of them.

    Queen - Your afghan is beautiful. Thanks for clearing up my confusion. I think I finally figured it out. Think you or TH could teach me how to join grannies sometime....later...way later...

    Millie - HI! I don't know you but I'm gonna see if you have a blog and check it out. Thank you for commenting and complimenting my dogs. I'd tell them, but they are asleep and I am not going to wake them. Besides, they KNOW they are cute. They give us the cute look every time they get in trouble!

    Hey Clip Cafe - yup it's a yarn winder. Not automatic. You have to crank it, but it works if the yarn isn't too knotted up. The white yarn was a mess! And the drinks are yum.

    Jul - It is good snuggling and crocheting weather so I'm just gonna change my attitude and like it and stay inside and snuggle and craft....maybe.

    Good night y'all
    Cindy Bee

  13. hello my lovely

    i have come to thank you for the wonderful comments you left on my blog.
    you have a fabulous blog here too and i am looking forward to getting to know more about your corner of the world.

    warmest hugs millie xxx

    hugs for all the pups too :o)


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