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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas Tree and The New Year...


HAPPY NEW YEAR TO EVERYONE! Before getting started on New Year's Resolutions and such, let's talk about what to do with that leftover REAL Christmas tree. Don't just throw it in the trash. Here are a couple of ideas, and I'm sure some other nature people out there have some more ideas.

1. Put it in the back yard - as is - small animals and birds love it for cover. It gives them a place to hide from birds of prey.

2. If you know someone with a larger sized pond, when the pond freezes over, walk it out to the deeper water area. You'll need to weight it down. When the ice thaws, it will sink to the bottom of the pond and the fish will love it for cover. We did this last year.

3. Give it to someone that has a mulching machine.

4. Chop it up and use it for wood and have a campfire with the family. Might be a fun tradition to start.

5. Our town used to have a 12th night celebration and they'd all bring their trees and burn them together at this celebration. Does your town have a celebration like this? If not, why not start one with some friends. (it's all about taking time for each other)

6. Our town has a mulch/wood recycling center. If your town has one, take it there.

Any other ideas? Let us know.

Now for the NEW YEAR!!!!

I'm going to use this week to reflect on the last year, but also to post some goals I have for the new year. I wasn't going to have resolutions this year, but the day before a wrap-up meeting at the Community Garden, my sister gave me this....

Can you read it? It says, Me and Sarah what to go to Anut Cindy's house so much! We can't come thoe they have things to do! (I wrote it as written)

Needless to say, I started thinking of how I can change my life.

That was written last July, when my two nieces wanted to come to our house and spend the night. Dave had to work the next day and I had to go to the Community Garden. The thing is, part of the CG work is volunteer. And that morning I had to volunteer because I missed the week before. And my nieces just knew we were going to say yes, because Sarah had just given us this...

I have no idea who's who in the picture (funny) but the point is...last summer I was too busy. I was on overload. I was having private meltdowns. Some not so private. One day my cousin Gloria called and asked me to do one small thing and I lost it. Really lost it.
And here's the nieces are growing up too fast. And I do not have children, so this is as close to grandchildren as it's going to get for me. I am a beekeeper, child care provider, and Community Garden Coordinator. And they are all full-time in the summer. If you've been following my blog for any amount of time, you know I've given up the Community Garden job. We are building a house. And WE are building it. It's taking a LOT of time. We made a goal to move in to the basement area by May 1.
My first and foremost resolution is to NOT fill the extra time I might have over the next couple of winter months with a commitment. You see, it's in January, February, and March that I start committing myself to doing things. I'm in the house, I'm not as busy, and I tend to forget how busy I am in the summer. If I have time, I will fill it with something more important. FAMILY
And in 2011, I hope my nieces write about how much fun they had swimming in our pond, walking in our woods, and spending the night at Aunt Cindy's and Uncle Dave's house.
I wasn't going to make any resolutions, but I think it's important. It always seems that when I write things down, whether I remember writing them down or not, there is more of a chance that they really happen.
What about you?
Are you too busy?
Is there one thing you can drop in your life,
to help you find the time to do something important to you?
More to come...


  1. I had not made a resolution in a few years but I am going to jump on the weight loss band wagon. My goal 20 lbs by April 1st. I am making it short term so I do not think I have all exchange for my 20 lbs hubs is suppose to quit smoking. He did just that the year we got married and did not smoke for 5 years. But he had to live in Detroit for his job for a year and started smoking again on the drives back and forth on Monday mornings and Friday evenings. That was a very long year.

  2. My my my....I love the tree tips. I would love to have a real tree, but I am allergic to pine. Weird huh? I itch like crazy whenever near any pine...hives and all...

  3. Great list of tree tips. We didn't have a tree this year because of Violet the Airedale. Don't tell her but I didn't trust her...haha!

    So let's talk about the nieces. I'm in the same boat, no kids, niece and nephews spent alot of time with me when I lived 5 miles from their house. Now I live 1 hour away and they are older and are busy. Keep that in mind too. They start to have their own friends and spend less time with their aunt. (just reality not preaching)

    So line up your winter with them, do crafts, make cookies, go ice skating, movies, mall. Teach them to do stuff @ your house. How fun could that be?

    I just think it's great that you realized the situation and that time flies. WAY faster than we ever thought it could!

    Sorry if this is long, I just connected to it.

    Happy New Year busy lady. ENJOY!

  4. Cindy,
    It's ok that you haven't finished any Bee projects...It's not like you don't have anything on your plate....I really enjoy reading your blog! Granny Bee


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